Robin Curtis, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

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Robin Curtis
Robin Curtis

Recognized as Dave and Robin to clients and colleagues, the partnership of Dave Zellar and Robin Curtis brings distinctively different, yet complimentary, backgrounds to the buyers and sellers of the Syracuse real estate market.

Dave has built or restored some of the most prominent homes in the area. These experiences provide him with the ability to advise and educate his clients on renovations, potential construction projects or issues related to a home. Dave’s ingenious insight into how a home might be prepared for the market garners his seller client the optimal price tag. Dave’s ability to envision how a resale could best serve his buyer’s needs helps his buyer client to confidently buy. Conversely, Dave can offer legitimate reasons for the buyer client to walk away from a home.

Robin’s expertise in the creative arts is beneficial in the creation of exceptional photography and the production of print and virtual media in the presentation of luxury homes. Robin’s background in entertainment and communications instilled a healthy respect for timely communication with clients throughout the real estate buying and selling experience.  

Together, Dave and Robin have a reputation for tenaciously protecting their clients’ interests. Dave and Robin are experienced and determined negotiators, driven to find clients the right home for the best price because they understand that the home buying and selling process is generally the largest single financial transaction most families will ever make. 

Dave and Robin’s passion for real estate ensures the right combination of firm intelligence and warmth in your real estate transaction. They’ve dedicated their careers to helping Central NY families through the most exciting and sometimes, unsettling time in their lives. Real estate can be driven by loss, the loss of a loved one or a relationship. And Dave and Robin do their best to offer their clients support, expertise and discretion through what can be a very stressful process. Helping their clients secure a home, temporary or permanent, is critical to their success as real estate brokers. And Dave and Robin are grateful to their exceptionally loyal clientele, whose personal referrals and repeat business form the foundation of their careers. 

The partnership of Dave and Robin brings a combined 45 years of service in the real estate industry and an uncompromising integrity to every real estate transaction. Savvy marketing, skilled negotiating, knowledge of construction and impeccable communication form the building blocks of that partnership. Dave and Robin treat every transaction as an opportunity to build a relationship and showcase their commitment. They welcome your call.