Income and Investment Properties

Vacation, Income and Investment Properties
Second home buying is a great option for those who love having a place to get away. It can bring together the relaxation of a vacation with the comfort of home. Whether it be waterfront properties throughout Western and Central New York, a home in the Finger Lakes, or a retreat in the Adirondacks, HUNT ERA has offices and highly-skilled agents across New York State to help you locate the ideal property for your needs.
Purchasing properties as an investment can also be a great way to supplement your income and plan for the future. Contact a HUNT Real Estate ERA agent or HUNT Mortgage for more information on how you could qualify to purchase one of these properties.
Foreclosures As An Investment Property Foreclosed homes can be an excellent investment, if done properly. You can often get more house for far less of a price. However, there are a number of factors to consider, and there is often more complexity involved, when buying these types of properties. HUNT ERA has specialized agents that know how to help you make smart decisions. Fill out the Request Information form on this page and a member of our Customer Service team will connect you with the appropriate HUNT ERA agent for your needs.
Here are just a handful of the many areas where a HUNT representative can help serve your desire to purchase foreclosure properties: