HUNT University

Training and Professional Development
Specially designed for your success through HUNT University

HUNT Real Estate ERA has long been known as “The Training Company” and is proud of its industry leading agent training and development systems and support.

Opportunities to truly master your profession are available through our regional training centers as well as our online training, HUNT ERA invests in your future by providing a full time Career Development Center, business coaching and access to online video training experiences from Nationally recognized experts in real estate. We have a staff of experienced professional trainers who are dedicated to helping you succeed. For over 100 years, HUNT ERA has fostered a learning culture for our agents, staff and leadership.

HUNT Training addresses needs at all levels:

HUNT 100 Level Courses: Enhance your skills by focusing on Business Development techniques.

• Skill development
• Sales communication skills
• Prospecting skills
• Marketing Skills
• Presentation skills
• Sales management and follow-up skills

HUNT 200 Level Courses: Provide for advanced growth and development with a focus on mastering the skills needed to be a professional in the real estate business.

HUNT 300 Level Courses: Cover technology and how to capitalize on the past, current and future enhancements in technology and their effect in our industry. The 300 series also concentrates on the unique technology tools and systems that have been developed by HUNT ERA.

HUNT 400 level:
• A series of training specifically designed to help the experienced agent, transferring from another company to hit the ground running using our unique tools and systems.

HUNT 500 level: Dedicated to finding the best trainers in the world and bringing them to seminars and events at HUNT ERA offers opportunities you could not experience on your own. The is our distinguished speaker series.

HUNT 600 level: HUNT ERA is committed to developing the next generation of leaders in the real estate industry. The 600 level series of training helps develop the skills needed to be an effective leader.

Additional Training Opportunities

24/7 Online Training:
• Exclusive partnership with David Knox, nationally acclaimed real estate trainer for access to over 300 video training sessions
• Access to the Learning Exchange, ERA’s micro-site devoted to agent training and development.
• On line and on demand video training on the HUNT Tools and Systems as well as the skills needed to be an above average real estate professional.

Long Distance Learning

On-line webinars conducted by our professional trainers across all regions.