HUNT Homeowners Club

When you buy or sell your home through HUNT Real Estate, you become a lifetime member of the HUNT Homeowners Club,
our complete resource for all of your moving and homeownership needs.

HUNT Homeowners Club Member Benefits:
  • Free HUNT Moving Concierge account
  • Access to HUNT Homeowners Club Vendors & Attorneys
  • Multiple Cash Back Bonus opportunities*
    - Earn cash back on sale and/or purchase of your next home**
    - Receive $345 discount on mortgage application fee when using HUNT Mortgage
  • One-stop homeownership services from HUNT Mortgage, HUNT Insurance and Network Title Agency


The HUNT Moving Concierge
The HUNT Moving Concierge is an all-inclusive online platform that assists with planning your move to your new home. You can compare moving and storage companies, find your new utility providers and get an estimate for how much they will cost, set up your mail forwarding, and even activate your cable, internet and phone services. To create your free account, visit

HUNT Homeowners Club Vendors
The HUNT Moving Concierge includes direct access to our portfolio of HUNT-approved vendors engaged in businesses relating to owning and maintaining your home. From contractors and remodelers to roofers and electricians, we can recommend the right vendors for any home-related services you need. For direct access to all of our HUNT-approved vendors, visit our HUNT Homeowners Club Vendors page.

HUNT Homeowners Club Attorneys
Our licensed Homeowners Club attorneys provide a wide array of legal services, including: Real Estate Purchase‚ Real Estate Sales, Power of Attorney, Simple Wills, Name Change and more. For more information on how to retain the services of these attorneys, please visit our Homeowners Club Attorneys page.

Cash Back Opportunities
If you are employed by a company that participates in our Cash Back Bonus program, you could earn cash back from the sale and/or purchase of your property. Additionally, you may be eligible to receive your mortgage application fees when you use HUNT Mortgage. For more information, visit our Cash Back Bonus page.

* Formerly the HUNT On the House promotion. Customer must be employed by participating company or organization to be eligible for Cash Back and HUNT Mortgage discount. Contact for eligibility requirements.

** 10% Cash Back of the transaction side of the commission from the sale and/or purchase of your property