Home Warranty and Protection Plan | HUNT Real Estate


Invest in your peace of mind.

Your HUNT Real Estate contract has the option to include an American Home Shield Protection Plan, with warranty options to match every home and budget. With our homeowners’ satisfaction in mind, our home warranties are the safest way to protect your personal finances and way of life.


Unfortunately for most homeowners, breakdowns of the large appliances that we use almost every day are inevitable. Daily use wears on these machines and creates a need for costly maintenance tune-ups, sometimes even replacements.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or feeling settled into your family home, homeowners at every stage of the real estate process can benefit from home warranty coverage. Unexpected out-of-pocket expenses can make your monthly mortgage payment feel less affordable or delay any plans for home renovation. Get peace of mind with the knowledge that maintenance for your largest home appliances is covered by your home warranty plan.

As a Buyer

Buying a home and a warranty plan with HUNT Real Estate affords you the ability to rest easy in knowing your home systems are covered, should they require any repairs or replacements. We offer home warranty options that are customizable to your home and budget, with a high ROI compared to out-of-pocket maintenance costs. Our home warranties include access to a network of service contractors in your community that match our high standard for customer service and satisfaction.

For Our Sellers

Home warranty plans are often available to homeowners who are selling their home with HUNT. Including a warranty in your listing price makes the value of your home seem less negotiable to potential buyers, while boosting their confidence in your property. It also helps reduce any liabilities on the seller during and following a sale, should any issues with large appliances occur.