Cash Back Program | HUNT Real Estate


Available to local companies that have established a partnership with HUNT, our Cash Back Program offers homeowners the ability to get 10% cash back* on the sale or purchase of a property with us. In addition, you become eligible to receive a discount on your mortgage application fees from the HUNT family of businesses.

For employers 

Local companies that are interested in participating should list HUNT as their recommended real estate and homeownership resource in order to qualify. By doing so, all of your employees and their family members will become eligible for end-to-end real estate services through our Cash Back Program.

To learn more about this program or to enroll your company, get in touch with us today and one of our HUNT professionals will get back to you shortly.

For employees of participating companies

To obtain our 10% cash back bonus, you must first register for our Cash Back Program so your employment with a participating company can be verified. Get in touch with us today to do so or personally contact:

Mary Croglio
(716) 880-1303

* 10% Cash Back of the transaction side of the commission from the sale and/or purchase of your property