Are you a First-Time Home Seller? Here’s Why You Should Always Use an Agent

Selling your home can be stressful for anyone. According to Zillow’s 2019 Consumer Housing Trends report, 95% of home sellers believe that at least one aspect of the home selling process was stressful. More than half of sellers polled were first-time sellers; so if you’re a first-time home seller, what can you stressors can you expect when selling your home? How can you ease those concerns?

Home Sellers

Zillow‘s Consumer Housing Trend Report looked at 3,000 home sellers, with first-time home sellers making up about half of the respondents. Most home sellers were in their home for 10+ years (62% of respondents), and 64% of those sellers were also buying a new home at the same time.

First-Time Sellers Stress

Zillow reports that first-time sellers were more likely to say that most aspects of selling were stressful to them or their families. The number one concern from first-time home sellers was uncertainty about whether their home will sell when they want it to (56%). Concern that an offer will fall through came in a close second (52%). And once a home has offers in, most sellers have an average of 2 offers to decide between, which can add to the stress of selling.

Finance Concerns

Finances are another concern for those selling their home for the first time. 41% of first-time sellers worry about finding a competitive interest rate on a home they’re buying while also selling. 45% were also concerned about the unexpected aspects of the overall selling process. Even making the decision to sell can be stressful for a first-time home seller: 39% admit deciding whether to sell was difficult because of the low interest rate they have on their current mortgage.

How a Trained Sales Professional Can Help

While it is reasonable to have concerns when selling your home for the first time, a real estate sales professional will guide you through selling can reduce that stress. Your sales professional has the tools to market your home and price it correctly for the market. HUNT’s groundbreaking marketing can help get your home sold faster. Once you have your offers, your sales professional will be there to help again to review each one.

When finances are a concern, HUNT Mortgage is a great resource. Their knowledgeable team can assist you with your home buying needs and get you pre-qualified for your mortgage so you’ll be ready to find your next home.

When you’re ready to sell your home for the first time, make sure you call a real estate professional to help ease your stress.