Please Don’t Leave Your Shoes On and 4 Other Open House Don’ts

When you attend an open house, you want to look around and get as much information about the home as you can. But it’s important to remember that you are a guest in someone’s house, so please be respectful. If you’ve never attended an open house before, here are a few don’ts to avoid. 

DON’T forget to take off your shoes. Most homeowners will ask that you take your shoes off before entering their home. There is traditionally a sign at the entrance requesting you do so. If they allow you to keep your shoes on, make sure you use the doormat to wipe off any dirt you could track into the home.

DON’T wait until the last minute. Make sure you have enough time to view the entire home. Don’t wait until 5 minutes before the end of the open house to come in. 

DON’T open closed doors without permission. If doors in the home are closed, check with the listing agent before you open them.

DON’T go through people’s personal items. Everything you need to see about the home will be visible, so there’s no need to go through other people’s property. Do not rifle through drawers, closets, or medicine cabinets.

DON’T be afraid to ask questions. The listing agent is there to answer any questions, so use them as a resource when questions arise.

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4 Open House Questions Answered for Home Buyers

There are a large number of articles out there that discuss what to do as a home seller during an open house. But what if you’re a buyer walking through your first open house? Make sure you review our FAQ before you go to your first open house.

Q: Is the agent showing the house always the listing agent?

A: Sometimes, but not always. The easiest way to find out if the agent holding the open house is the listing agent is to ask. Sometimes, agents hold an open house on behalf of another agent or is a member of the listing agent’s team.

Q: Should I ask if the agent any questions?

A: You should always feel free to ask the agent any questions about the home you’re viewing. Feel free to ask them questions about the home, neighborhood, and schools.

Q: How many homes should I look at before I make an offer?

A: There is no right or wrong number of homes to look at! You could look at 5 homes or 25 homes. Each homebuyer’s experience is difference. Your real estate professionals expertise can help you make an informed decision on what home to place an offer on.

Q: Should I take my shoes off before entering an open house?

A: Most homeowners appreciate when you remove your shoes before entering their home. Remember to be polite and respectful of someone else’s home. Most agents will have a sign at the door but even if they don’t, it’s just good manners.

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5 Questions to Ask At Your Next Open House

Red white and blue Open House Flag

Are you ready to attend an open house? Here are a few questions you should be asking the listing agent while you’re at an open house:

  1. How long has this house been on the market? It’s always good to know if a home is new to the market or has been sitting for a while. It can help inform your agent for negotiations.
  2. Why are the sellers moving? This can offer some insight into the home. Knowing why someone is choosing to sell could be helpful for both you and your agent.
  3. What (if any) updates have been made to the home? This can be important for you as the home buyer to inspect the work. They should be able to provide any permits for those updates (if required).
  4. What is the neighborhood like? The listing agent should be able to give you an overview of the neighborhood and what it’s like.
  5. Are there any offers on the home? If there are offers already in on the home, you’ll have to decide (and quick) if this is a home you’re interested in.

Asking a few questions can give you useful information to determine if a home is right for you.

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5 Tips to Get Your Home Sparkling Clean for Your Open House

When you’re selling your home, you know how important staging your rooms can be. But did you know that staging is just the first step to prepare your home for an open house? Buyers will examine your home closely, so the details, including cleanliness, can make a difference. Here are five tips to get your home clean for your first open house.

  1. Clean from top to bottom. Clean your rooms from top to bottom, which means starting with the ceiling. If you’re cleaning your bedroom, start by dusting the fan and crown molding, move down to dust frames and/or wall art, then clean furniture and finish by sweeping the floors. This cleaning method prevents you from contaminating what you’ve already cleaned!
  2. Make a good first impression. Keep your entryway clutter-free so it is welcoming to potential home buyers. If shoes are piled up at your front door, line them up neatly. Sweep the walkways leading to your home and trim your landscaping along the path to your door(s) so your home is easily accessible.
  3. Sweat the small stuff. A few small details can make a big difference when potential home buyers are viewing your home. Make sure your light fixtures and ceiling fans are dust free. If your kitchen has stainless steel appliances, wipe away any streaks or fingerprints. If your walls are heavily scuffed or have chipped paint, make sure you touch up where you can.
  4. Look outside. Clear your gutters of any debris that may clog them. Maintain your lawn and continue to mow, trim bushes, and weed your garden!
  5. Avoid heavily fragranced cleaners. If you’re cleaning the day before or day of your open house, don’t use cleaners with a strong scent. Strong odors can be off-putting to potential home buyers, even clean smelling scents.

If this sounds like a massive undertaking, you can always call in the pros! Check out the HUNT Homeowners Club for a list of HUNT approved vendors that can help get your home sparkling clean.