Do Pets Impact Home Buying Decisions?

We love our pets. 66% of U.S. households have a pet or plan to get one. So it’s no surprise that when we’re buying a new home, our pets impact our home buying decisions. But just how much influence do they have over our home buying habits? And what property features matter most?

Homebuyers & Pets

Our pets can influence what type of home we buy and where the home is located. 43% of survey respondents said they would move or change their living situation to accommodate their pet.

Many millennials (~37% of buyers) are now in the housing market, so it should come as no surprise that buyers are becoming more concerned with pet-friendly features. Research shows that 76% of millennials are proud pet owners and see their pets as more than just their animal companions. 2 out of 5 said they actually think of their pets as their kids, so it’s no wonder their pet’s comfort is important to them when choosing a home.

REALTORS agree pets are important to their buyers, with 68% stating that community animal policies influenced their clients’ decision to rent/buy in a particular community.

What Pet-Friendly Features Matter Most?

So if you’re a home seller, what pet-friendly features are homebuyers looking for? Almost half (49%) said that a fenced-in yard was the most important feature they’re looking for with pets. 27% said they wanted a home large enough for both their family and their pet (s). Other factors included flooring, a mud room/dog wash station, a dog door, animal pool/outside water feature, a cat litter closet, and a built-in pet food bowl/pet bed.

If you’re ready to buy or sell your home, pets or no pets, make sure you contact a HUNT Sales Professional today!

The Home Buying Process

If you’re just starting the home buying process, and you’re a first-time homebuyer (or it’s been a while), you may be interested to know how the home buying process works. It isn’t as simple as HGTV can make it out to be, but with the help of an experienced sales professional, you can be in your new home in no time. Here’s an overview of what you can expect during the Home Buying Process.

Step 1: Getting Started

  • Contact a HUNT Real Estate sales professional.
  • Meet with your HUNT Agent. Get to know them and ask questions about their experience and what you should expect from your home buying experience
  • Get Prequalified. Pre-qualification is important for a multitude of reasons. It lets sellers know you’re serious about your offer and helps you identify your budget. For more information on pre-qualification, check out HUNT Mortgage.

Step 2: On the HUNT for Your House

  • Enroll in my house hunt and be the first to know when listings go live
  • Find your perfect home and work with your sales professional to place an offer
  • Negotiate and get an offer accepted

Step 3: Your Offer Was Accepted, now what?

  • Contact your attorney (check out the HUNT Homeowners Club Attorneys) for approval
  • Inspection(s): get you home inspected (also check out the HUNT Homeowners Club!)
  • Apply for your mortgage: HUNT Mortgage has an online application that makes it easy to gather all of your documents and officially apply for your mortgage.
  • Get a Homeowners Insurance policy from HUNT Insurance.

Step 4: Closing

  • Loan Conditions Met: Finalize your mortgage paperwork and schedule your closing date.
  • Final Walkthrough happens within 24 hours of your closing date.
  • Closing Day

Step 5: Welcome to your new home!

There’s no set timeline for how long this process can take. For reference, according to the NAR, the average homebuyer looked for a median of 10 weeks to find their home, looking at a median of 9 homes during their search.