3/9 RADIO SHOW: Mark Brylinski & Jeff Jack

This week, Guest Host, Linda Mallia welcomes Mark Brylinski & Jeff Jack to the show!

Mark Brylinski is one of our leading real estate professionals working out of our KenTon office.

Jeff Jack is on of our Mortgage Consultants working at HUNT Mortgage.

Together, Linda leads the discussion on the “Spring Market” and condo values.

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Hunt Ranks 55th on Area’s Most Influential List
Peter F. Hunt, our President and CEO of HUNT Real Estate Corporation, has been named one of Buffalo’s most influential people, according to a recent report by Buffalo Business First. The Power 200 is a diverse list of business, political and sports leaders, and serves to recognize people of power and influence in the region. According to Business First, they believe the Power 200 are the people who will make a difference this year.

“It is, of course, an honor and humbling to be included among this collection of individuals who are doing so many good things in our community,” says Peter F. Hunt, President and CEO of HUNT Real Estate Corporation.

HUNT Real Estate Corporation is a 101 year old family owned and operated organization, offering a full suite of homeownership services. The HUNT brand is recognized for consumer-oriented real estate products and services and some of the most elite real estate sales professionals in the industry. Through their residential real estate division and core businesses – HUNT Mortgage, HUNT Insurance Agency, Network Title Agency of New York, HUNT Commercial Real Estate, HUNT-Vanner Insurance, The Realty Express and the Realty Club – the organization provides services that make buying, selling, financing, insuring, maintaining and simply owning a home an easier and more satisfying experience.

HUNT ERA has been the recipient of numerous industry awards and recognitions over the years, and is ranked 34th out of the top 300 brokers nationwide in closed transaction sides in RISMedia’s 24th Annual Power Broker Report. HUNT was the first in their area to launch a customer service department, and the first to offer in house training for their real estate associates. In addition, HUNT Real Estate ERA has been named a Platinum level firm for every year that the Cartus Broker Network has bestowed this award. Platinum is the highest of the Excellence Award recognition levels presented to qualifying principal brokers.

For more information about this leading organization, contact Peter F. Hunt directly, at (716) 633-9400 or email him at peter.hunt@huntrealestate.com. For information about properties for sale, visit www.huntrealestate.com. For 24/7 information about properties available, via voice, text or mobile site, call the HUNT Hotline at (716) 631-4800.


The Williamsville/Clarence branch of HUNT Real Estate ERA received the Office of the Year award for the Buffalo/Niagara and Rochester Regions at the company’s annual awards event held on February 7th. The Office of the Year award is given to the HUNT branch that meets its goals on overall performance relative to plan. This award winning office has 72 dedicated real estate sales professionals, and services the market area of all of Western New York.

“The Williamsville Clarence office of HUNT Real Estate ERA sold $40 million in volume and 200 units more in 2012 than 2011. It is a testament of the hard work of our agents and employees that HUNT recognized them as Office of the Year.” says Gary Kenline, Broker Consultant for the Williamsville/Clarence branch of HUNT Real Estate ERA.

In addition to the Williamsville/Clarence office winning top honors for 2012, Barbara Baker was named Agent of the Year and Joel Calabrese and Judy Ralabate were named the #1 team for the Buffalo region.

“Agents, support staff and our ancillary businesses worked incredibly hard this past year. The Williamsville/Clarence branch, under the leadership of Gary Kenline, is well deserving of this prestigious award,” said Peter Scarcello, General Manager of the Buffalo region of HUNT Real Estate ERA.

To join this leading office, contact Gary Kenline directly, at (716) 633-5350 or email him at gary.kenline@huntrealestate.com. For information about properties for sale, visit www.huntrealestate.com. For 24/7 information about properties available, via voice, text or mobile site, call the HUNT Hotline at (716) 631-4800.


This week, Guest Host, Bob Scholz welcomes Tom Cusack to the show!

Tom is President of the Cusack Center for Professional Development. The Cusack Center is a resource created to enhance your computer skills and to help you meet all the demands of todays marketplace.

Together, Bob Scholz leads the discussion on real estate licensing courses. Tom Cusack explains that it is so important that real estate professionals know math & all legal issues.

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HUNT Real Estate ERA opened the doors to their brand new office space in Hamburg on February 1st. The thriving local real estate office is now even more strategically located, and the new facility is outfitted with the latest in technology and design features to service an active community of buyers and sellers.

The new office, located at 5546 Camp Road in Hamburg, boasts of 5,000 square feet, divided into 12 private/semi-private offices, 24 cubicle/work stations, 3 state-of-the-art conference rooms each with 40 inch flat screen TVs, and an agent “Lounge Area” with oversized chairs featuring built in swivel computer tables. All in all, an office of the future – designed to meet the needs of the branch’s 40 dedicated and on-the-go real estate agents and the experienced office staff and leadership that support them.

“I am lucky to have been the person who managed the entire project from ground breaking to moving in,” said John Rummel, Broker Consultant for HUNT Real Estate ERA’s Hamburg office. “The HUNT Hamburg agents are the most productive agents per person anywhere in Western New York and they deserve the best work environment, technology and support which they now have,” Rummel continued.

Always looking for ways to give back, HUNT donated desks and file cabinets from their old office location on Sunset Drive to a school in Zambia, Africa. Sales Associate Christie Noonan spearheaded this project, and all of the Hamburg agents were proud to be a part of the effort.

The new office is planning a public Open House in May, to be held in conjunction with a local children’s art show. Of course at any time, the office welcomes walk-in customers in need of real estate advice or information. Normal hours are 8:30am-8pm weekdays, and 10am-4pm on weekends, or during off hours by appointment.

For 24/7 information about any home for sale call the HUNT Hotline at (716) 631-4800 or visit www.huntrealestate.com.

2/16 RADIO SHOW: Brian Kolb

This week, Peter Hunt welcomes Brian Kolb to the show!

Brian Kolb is the NYS Assembly Minority Leader in which his district includes all of Ontario County and parts of Seneca County. He is dedicated to ensuring that residents and businesses throughout the district receive effective, responsive constituent service and timely assistance with state government inquiries.

Together, Peter leads the discussion on the cost of living and real estate.

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This week, Peter Hunt welcomes Rocco R. Termini to the show!

Rocoo R. Termini is President of Signature Development Buffalo LLC. Signature Development Buffalo, LLC is a real estate residential developer. The company engages in the development of luxury and urban apartments in New York.

Together, Peter Hunt leads the discussion on the housing development in downtown Buffalo, NY. Currently Termini is developing new lofts and restaurants in the downtown area, as well as a unique vodka distillery.

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Whether you’re in the process of buying or building a house, what kind of home are you most likely attracted to? First impressions are everything, and the first thing you usually notice is the outside appearance. Are you partial to vinyl, brick, wood, or stone siding?

When buying or building a home, we hope you put these little details into consideration as you must keep up with maintenance that goes along with your brand new purchase.

• Lasts about 40 years
• Never needs paint
• Easy to clean with soap & water
• Comes in a variety of colors
• Costs $1-$6 sq. ft. prior to installation

• No maintenance required for 25 years
• Variety of sizes, textures, colors
• Usually does not fade
• Excellent temperature insulation
• $6-$12 sq. ft. prior to installation

Stone Veneers
Resists fire, rot and insects
• Very little maintenance – inspect for cracking
• Wide variety of styles
• Lasts the life of the building
• $4.50 – $6 sq. ft. prior to installation

• Treated to resist flammability and termite infestation
• Requires staining or painting every few years
• Easy to replace damaged pieces
• $1 – $5 sq. ft. prior to installation

• Ideal for dry, warm climates – avoided by wet climates
• Fire resistant
• Multiple colors and textures (smooth, raked, or swirls)
• Susceptible to water penetration
• $3 – $15 sq. ft. prior to installation

Synthetic Stucco
• Less likely to crack compared to real Stucco
• Energy efficient
• Can be washed with water
• Should last lifetime of building
• $6 – $14 sq. ft. prior to installation

So what do you think? What kind of siding would you choose?

SOURCES: HomeOwnerNet | Better Homes & Gardens

2/2 RADIO SHOW: Linda Mallia

This week, Linda Mallia is Guest Hosting & playing guest!
Linda Mallia is President of HUNT Mortgage, and oversees Mortgage Consultants in the Buffalo, Niagara, Rochester, and Syracuse, NY regions as well as Phoenix, Arizona. Linda began her career with HUNT Mortgage in 1984 as a Manager/Field Coordinator, but was no stranger to HUNT Real Estate – she has been working with the company since 1979.
Unfortunately our guest was unable to make the show, but Linda Mallia fills in and starts discussing landscaping and the changes of times. Currently people are looking at finding more outdoor living spaces, such as patios.

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Net Present Value is a Valuable Tool for Analyzing Investment Property

Investment property is a worthwhile undertaking, if it creates value for the owner. In the most general sense, we create value by identifying an investment worth more in the marketplace than it costs us to acquire. The difference between an investment’s market value and its cost is called the net present value (NPV) of the investment. In other words, NPV is a measure of how much value is created or added by taking on an investment property.

Suppose you are considering the purchase of a property for $1,000,000. The property has a single, high credit-rated tenant; the lease is triple net and there are eight years remaining. The property generates $45,000 net cash per year. If 20% is the down payment and your required discount rate is 14%, what is the NPV on this property?

Since the cash flows are equal each year, we effectively have an eight-year annuity. Using an annuity table, we can determine that the factor for 8 years at 14% is 4.6389. If we multiply the annual cash flow by this factor we get $208,750 (these are the discounted cash flows). Subtracting our down payment of $200,000 we end up with $8,750, therefore, this is a good investment. Had the result been negative, then the effect on value would have been unfavorable and we would pass on this investment opportunity.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Calculating the NPV is fairly straightforward; however, the task of coming up with accurate cash flows, determining future market value of the property, and selecting the correct discount rate is much more challenging. HUNT Commercial Real Estate has the experience to provide comprehensive investing solutions, and licensed professionals across Upstate New York to give you expert local support.

For more information about HUNT Commercial and our services, visit www.huntcommercial.com.