12/8 Radio Show: Mark Poloncarz

This week, Peter Hunt, welcomes Mark Poloncarz to the show!

Mark Poloncarz is currently the Erie County Executive. Mark works with our partners in government and the private sector to ensure Erie County provides the best possible services to its residents at the lowest possible cost. Mark also reflects upon all the accomplishments that have been reached within the past six years. Over the years investments have gone into the economic development

Together, Peter Hunt leads the discussion on the Buffalo Billion and the economic development of the Bethlehem Steel Plant.

To find out more from this show, listen to this week’s show! 

HUNT Mortgage Announces their NEW Online Mortgage Application!

A message from Linda Mallia, President of HUNT Mortgage

Linda Mallia
HUNT Mortgage is excited to announce that they have launched a full online mortgage application. We know that today you are busier than ever, which can sometimes make it difficult to find the time to set up an appointment to apply for a mortgage. Now you can visit our website HUNTMORTGAGE.COM and actually apply for the mortgage 24/7.

Most online applications are currently run by larger lenders, and the lack of personalized service can be a deterrent for some people. HUNT Mortgage is staying ahead of our competitors by offering the same online service, but backed up with the Knock Your Socks Off service our agents and customers have come to expect from us. You can now have the ease and convenience of applying online, without feeling like you are just a number at one of the larger banks.

Our agents can still refer their buyers to their Mortgage Consultant by selecting their name on the HUNT Mortgage website before they enter their information. Once the online application is completed, the Mortgage Consultant will be in contact with you and everything proceeds just as it would with a traditional face-to-face application. We are hoping this new feature will allow us to better serve you, as well as help us keep the process running smoothly and quickly.

To check out the new online application visit HUNTMORTGAGE.COM.

Be Proactive When Selling Investment Property, Anticipate Areas That Could Break The Deal

open front door with window in itSometimes, when buying investment property you feel like you’re walking through a minefield. You look at properties available, have a licensed real estate professional draw up a contract, get necessary documentation from the seller and then, out of the blue the deal explodes! What appeared on the surface to be a solid investment suddenly vanishes into thin air. Now it’s back to the drawing board for everyone involved. What happened?

Were the expenses understated? Was the existing mortgage information incorrect? Were the rent rolls accurate? Was the property assessment misrepresented? Closely examining every investment property will usually reveal areas of concern that may need serious attention. If nothing else, be proactive, ask questions, seek total understanding of the property and its financial performance. By doing so, you will save a lot of time and eliminate the frustration of having to walk away from the deal.

For example, suppose the net operating income for a large apartment complex appears to be rather low. First, examine the expenses and verify their accuracy with the owner. If they are overstated, that will improve the financial picture. However, if the expenses are accurate, then look at each expense item to see where money can be saved. If the insurance appears too high, ask one of our HUNT insurance agents for a policy review to see if money can be saved. If the interest expense is too high, call HUNT Mortgage or a commercial banker and see what they offer. If the property uses a management company, are their rates competitive? If the complex does the landscaping and snowplowing, could they contract it out or vice versa and save money? Are the property taxes too high? Is the assessment accurate? Does the local municipality offer PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) programs? Every major expense category can and should be examined for possible savings. In addition, examine the rent roll. Are the rents too low? When was the last rent increase? Is there opportunity to increase the monthly rates?

An experienced real estate salesperson can assist you in asking the right questions early on in the game. Certainly due diligence will uncover possible “deal breakers,” but why wait? Take it upon yourself to carefully study the numbers, look beyond what you see on paper and develop strategies to improve the rate of return.

The point being, work with your real estate agent to come up with alternatives. Take the initiative, and talk to other professionals: insurance agents, mortgage brokers, bankers, management companies, municipalities and landscapers etc. By doing so, you will improve the value of the investment and save yourself time and money. Contact a HUNT Commercial real estate agent today and find an experienced professional to help you make the right decisions!

Our Vision is Simple …

At HUNT Real Estate ERA our vision is simple … to Always Be There For You – In All Ways!

As a leader in the residential real estate industry with over 100 years of experience, the HUNT brand is recognized for consumer-oriented real estate products and services and some of the most elite real estate sales professionals in the industry. Through our residential real estate division and our core businesses – HUNT Mortgage, HUNT Insurance Agency, Network Title Agency of New York, HUNT Commercial Real Estate and HUNT-Vanner Insurance – our organization provides services that make buying, selling, financing, insuring, maintaining and simply owning a home an easier and more satisfying experience.
We started this blog as a way to continue to reach out and commit ourselves to providing the finest products, services and information possible. We want to build a relationship with you and to Always Be There For You.  We understand buying and selling a home can be a stressful situation, and we are here to make that experience an enjoyable one!