Beyond the Yard Sign: Mary Peyton

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On this week’s episode of the Beyond the Yard Sign podcast, your host Sarah chats with one of HUNT’s Branch Directors, Mary Peyton. During this episode, they talk about education in the realm of real estate and why continuing education is so important! To hear their full discussion, listen to the episode now! 

The r – House Radio Show: David J. Colligan

This week your host Peter Hunt, chatted with David J. Colligan who is a Partner of Colligan Law! During the show, both talked about renewable energy, the pros, and cons of renewable energy, the Wilson Foundation, and so much more! 

Who’s Moved to HUNT Real Estate ERA

We are pleased to welcome the following sales professionals to the HUNT Real Estate ERA family. Their association further affirms our commitment to offering the highest level of service to our clients.



Central New York




The HUNT® Reputation
Rankings & Accolades

  • #1 Family-Owned and Operated Real Estate Firm in New York State
  • Top-Ranked Broker in the ERA Real Estate network 
  • Ranked #43 on REAL Trends Top 500 Brokerages Survey* 
  • Gene Francis Memorial Award Winner Honoring ERA’s Top All-Around Company 
  • Member of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate 
  • Ranked one of Western New York’s Fastest-Growing Companies

The Most Productive Agents 

  • 1600 Licensed Real Estate Professionals in 50+ Branches
  • 13,000+ Transactions
  • $3.3 Billion in Closed Sales
  • Per Person Productivity of Nearly 9 Transactions

If you’re ready to take advantage of everything we have to offer AND make more money, join HUNT Real Estate ERA today!

*Source: 2021 REAL Trends 500 | Ranked by Closed Transaction Sides

The r – House Radio Show: Thomas J. Quatroche Jr.

On the latest episode of The r-House Radio Show your host Peter Hunt chatted with Thomas J. Quatroche Jr., Ph.D., the President and CEO of ECMC. During this episode, Peter and Thomas talked about the ECMC campus, the improvements that have been made to the campus, and how the campus is planning to expand! Listen to the full episode to hear what else they talked about!

Beyond the Yard Sign: Charles S. Hunt Award Winners

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On this episode of the Beyond the Yard Sign podcast, Sarah chats with the recipients of the 2021 Charles S. Hunt Award. Sarah, Christopher, and Jenna chat about how they came to be sales professionals here at HUNT and why they decided to make the change to real estate. Sarah and her guests also talk about how you can enter the real estate sector with different backgrounds, experiences, and education! 

The r – House Radio Show: Dottie Gallagher

During this episode of The r – House Radio Show, Peter chats with Dottie Gallagher, President, and CEO of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership! Peter and Dottie talk about the history of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership and how the partnership has contributed to the success of the area!

HUNT Real Estate Named Top Brokerage in the ERA Real Estate Network for Sales Volume and Units Sold

For the third year in a row, ERA Real Estate has recognized HUNT Real Estate ERA as their top-ranked real estate firm for both sales volume and units sold in 2021. HUNT earned this achievement with 14,101 closed transactions and $3.84 billion in sales volume in 2021. 

The ERA Real Estate network includes 39,000 brokers and sales associates throughout the United States and 33 countries and territories.

“There are hundreds of very fine real estate companies in the ERA organization with whom we collaborate,” said Peter F. Hunt, Chairman and CEO of HUNT Real Estate Corporation. “It is a great tribute to the professionals inside HUNT in New York, Massachusetts and Arizona that their collective efforts have made us the number one firm for the entire ERA network in 2021.”

The company was recognized for its achievements at the 2022 ERA Fuel Conference in Nashville, TN on March 18-20, 2022.

5 Potential Tax Deductions for Homeowners

One of the many reasons to become a homeowner is because of the financial advantages it can provide. When you own your own property, it allows you to establish a permanent place of residence which provides the opportunity to build equity – the value of a homeowner’s interest in their home, or in other words, the part of your home you actually own –and it also allows you to lock in your monthly costs for as long as you live there.

Being a homeowner can especially be to your financial benefit during tax season – there are many opportunities for potential tax breaks for those who own their own home. As tax-filing season comes to a close, and as you prepare your taxes for the year, here are five possible tax breaks that homeownership can potentially provide for you. (Make sure to consult your tax professional regarding any questions on deductions, eligibility, and any potential tax breaks that may be available to you!)

1) Mortgage Interest: One incentive of owning a home is to reduce your taxable income by deducting the interest that you pay on your mortgage. If you purchased your home after December 15th, 2017, you can deduct interest paid up to $750,000 if you file jointly, and $375,000 if you’re filing singly. Points paid on your mortgage may also be able to be deducted from your taxes.

2) Private Mortgage Insurance: If you didn’t put a 20% down payment on your home, you’re likely paying Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) until you reach a 20% investment in your home. If you took out a loan in 2007 or later, you may be able to deduct your PMI payments on your taxes.

3) Property Taxes: As a homeowner, you can deduct property taxes you are paying for your home.  

4) Medically Necessary Improvements: If you are making home improvements due to a medical need for yourself or a member of your family, such as installing medical equipment, widening doorways, adding a ramp, or railings and support bars, you may be able to deduct the cost of those improvements and the maintenance on your taxes. Appropriate documentation will be needed to prove the additions are due to a medical necessity.

5) Home Office: Are you one of the many people who have made the transition to working from home in the last couple of years? You may be able to deduct home office expenses if your office is a dedicated workspace used exclusively for your business.

To find out more about what potential tax breaks you could qualify for as a homeowner, and for more information on the above, reach out to your tax professional. If you’re ready to pursue homeownership and all the potential benefits, financially and otherwise, contact one of our real estate sales professionals today!

The r – House Radio Show: James Fink

On this week’s episode of The r – House Radio Show, your host Peter Hunt chats with James Fink, a Business First reporter at Buffalo Business First. In this episode, they talk about Buffalo’s growing yet also recovering economy from the pandemic, and how real estate is fueling that growth/recovery! Make sure to take a listen and hear what else they talk about in this episode!

Beyond The Yard Sign: 50 Years at HUNT

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On this episode of Beyond the Yard Sign, Sarah chats with Toni Young and Mark Brylinski both are Licensed Real Estate Salespersons with HUNT Real Estate and are also mother and son! Sarah, Toni, and Mark chat about their time here at HUNT. More specifically, Toni chats about her 50 Years in the real estate industry! Listen to the full episode and hear about the great surprise Sarah gives Toni!