Radio Show 7/17: David Rust

Your host, Peter Hunt, welcomes David Rust – Exec. Director – Say Yes Buffalo.

Peter and David discuss Say Yes to Buffalo, what’s been happening over the past year, and how they are helping our community.

HUNT Partners with Bills and Sabres Foundation for Give716 Day

We are proud to announce that HUNT Real Estate and HUNT Mortgage are teaming up with the Buffalo Bills and Sabres Foundation for Give716 Day, Western New York’s community-wide day of giving. HUNT is a Power Hour Sponsor on Friday, July 16th from 1-2 p.m. and will be donating a total of $15,000 to local housing-related charities: PUSH Buffalo. Buffalo Urban League, and Heart of the City Neighborhoods.

The goal of Give716 is simple, to unite Bills and Sabres fans with the Western New York community in an epic day of giving. It also aims to bring awareness and develop deeper, more meaningful connections between non-profits providing vital supporting services to our community.

Give716 gets underway tonight at 7:16 p.m. and runs through 11:59 p.m. tomorrow, 716 Day. Once the event has started tonight, you will be able to join us in supporting our communities by making a donation to your favorite non-profit via the donation link that will be available on The first 2,000 people who log onto and donate $71.60 or more will receive an exclusive Give716 t-shirt featuring the Bills and Sabres logos.

Click here to learn more about Give716 Day.

Who’s Moved to HUNT Real Estate ERA: June 2021

We are pleased to welcome the following sales professionals to the HUNT Real Estate ERA family. Their association further affirms our commitment to offering the highest level of service to our clients.







The HUNT® Reputation
Rankings & Accolades

  • #1 Family-Owned and Operated Real Estate Firm in New York State
  • Top-Ranked Broker in the ERA Real Estate network 
  • Ranked #43 on REAL Trends Top 500 Brokerages Survey* 
  • Gene Francis Memorial Award Winner Honoring ERA’s Top All-Around Company 
  • Member of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate 
  • Ranked one of Western New York’s Fastest-Growing Companies

The Most Productive Agents 

  • 1600 Licensed Real Estate Professionals in 50+ Branches
  • 13,000+ Transactions
  • $3.3 Billion in Closed Sales
  • Per Person Productivity of Nearly 9 Transactions

If you’re ready to take advantage of everything we have to offer AND make more money, join HUNT Real Estate ERA today!

*Source: 2021 REAL Trends 500 | Ranked by Closed Transaction Sides

6/26 Radio Show: Dr. John Long

Your host, Peter Hunt, welcomes WWII Veteran Dr. John Long.

Peter leads the discussion on Dr. John Long and his life experiences pre-WWII, during WWII, and post-WWII.

How to Prepare to Buy A Home in 2021

Man sitting at desk smiling at laptop computer screen

So you want to buy a home. But how do you prepare for the crazy competitive seller’s market we’re currently in? And what is a seller’s market, anyway? A seller’s market refers to when the real estate market has more buyers than sellers. So how can you prepare for this market to make sure you have an edge over your competition?

Get to know your finances. 

It’s important to know where you stand with your finances. While there are many aspects of your finances you should be aware of, we’re going to focus on three components: Credit Score, DTI, and savings.

Credit Score

Your credit score is important. Mortgage companies use it to help determine how much it will cost to borrow money for your home. Sometimes a few points on your credit score can impact your monthly mortgage payments, so you want to make sure you’re credit is in tip-top shape before you apply for your mortgage.

For example, most lenders use the FICO credit score. If you’re at 800 or higher, you’re considered to have exceptional credit, while 579 or lower is considered poor credit. There are plenty of ways you can work on improving your credit score prior to applying for your mortgage. Check out this blog for more:

DTI Ratio

You also want to familiarize yourself with what your estimated DTI is. What is DTI? It stands for debt to income ratio. It’s another factor that mortgage lenders use to determine your rates. To calculate a DTI estimate: (Monthly debt/current monthly gross income) X 100. You can also find plenty of DTI calculators if math isn’t your favorite subject.

A DTI of 20% or less is what the Federal Reserve considers a low DTI. A DTI of 40% or more is considered high and could be signs of the borrower being someone who has signs of financial stress.


How much cash you have saved up for your home is important. Transaction costs can include money for your earnest money deposit, money for your down payment, and money for closing costs. Outside of the transaction, you’ll also need to consider things like moving costs (storage space rentals, boxes, tape, truck rentals, moving companies, etc.). It’s important to be aware of these costs and how much money you have for them before you apply for your mortgage.

Gather paperwork ahead of time.

You’ll want to gather your paperwork before you start your home search. This helps you from scrambling last minute to find something important that could delay closing. Financing issues account for 37% of delays to the closing table (according to NAR). To avoid any delays in getting your dream home, make sure you have all these documents available.

Important documents include: Pay stubs, W2s, 1099s, bank statements, gift letters (if applicable), address/rent history for the past 2 years, employment history, proof of any other income, Child support/alimony, debts like car loans, current home mortgage, credit cards, student loans info, non-liquid asset info like life insurance, debts, and information on stocks & bonds.

Ask questions and get answers.

Man and woman in cafe looking at computer screen together.

When you’re looking for a real estate agent, be sure to ask questions. Your agent is your partner and home buying resource throughout this home buying experience, so you’ll want to make sure they are a good fit.

Ask agents about their communication preferences, familiarity with your area, and how long they’ve been in the industry. Your agent should be able to have a dialogue with you to make sure that you both have the same expectations.

Do a little detective work.

Your agent can be a great resource, but you should always do a bit of research on your own to determine what it is you want in your future home. Ask yourself if you’re looking for your “starter home” or if you’re ready to find your “forever home.”  Look at neighborhoods and what style of home you’re interested in. Decide what’s important to you in a new home, whether it be your morning commute to work or proximity to nearby amenities.

It’s also important to determine what you want vs. what you need in your future home. What features do you absolutely need to have in order to live your day-to-day life, and what features would be nice to have, but not a necessity? Check out our blog on wants vs. needs to determine what your list looks like: Wants Vs. Needs

Make sure you get pre-qualified for your mortgage.

Pre-approval in today’s market is not only a suggestion, it’s often a requirement. Pre-qualification is important for all potential buyers. You can even check out HUNT Mortgage’s Pre-Purchase Commitment program, which is a great way to show a seller you’re serious about your offer. It provides a fully underwritten commitment, subject only to collateral conditions and to reassure sellers, HUNT Mortgage backs its commitment with a $1,000 guarantee*. If a buyer does not close on a transaction due to the buyer’s mortgage application failing, we will pay the seller $1,000. The guarantee distinguishes HUNT customers from other buyers a seller may be considering.

Buying a home can be intimidating, especially when you’re a buyer in a seller’s market. However, with the correct preparation and agent, you can make the entire experience less stressful, and even enjoyable. While it is a red-hot market, there’s still plenty of opportunities for you to find your perfect home.

Disclaimer: *The guaranty is null and void if:  a) The property is not deemed acceptable collateral for the loan due to value and or condition; b) The buyer or seller willfully cancels the transaction; c) The buyer voluntarily terminates employment and or voluntarily divests assets prior to closing; d) The buyer takes out new credit after the Pre-Purchase Commitment is issued; e) The seller is unable to deliver clear acceptable title;  f) Guaranty is only on owner occupied single family transactions; g) The transaction does not close due to a contract contingency not being met other than the mortgage financing; h) Pre-Purchase Commitment was issued with maximum specific sale price and taxes, guaranty is void if either of these are exceeded; i) The contract closing is dated past the expiration of the Pre-Purchase Commitment. Guaranty is only on Pre-Purchase Commitments issued by HUNT Mortgage

HUNT Real Estate Agents Recognized as “America’s Best Real Estate Professionals”

Respected real estate industry publication REAL Trends has released the 2021 America’s Best Real Estate Professionals list honoring the most productive real estate agents and teams by state and metropolitan area based on transactions and closed sales volume totals in 2020.

In total, 17 HUNT Real Estate ERA sales professionals and teams were recognized by REAL Trends with two teams ranking in the Top 5 for all of New York State. The Magguilli Team of HUNT’s Brighton-Pittsford branch ranked #4 in the Large Teams category with 216.5 transactions in 2020, and the CNY Key Team of HUNT’s CNY East branch ranked #5 in the Small Teams category with 161 transactions in 2020.

HUNT Real Estate sales professionals and teams recognized on the REAL Trends 2021 America’s Best Real Estate Professionals list:

According to REAL Trends, the agents on their America’s Best Real Estate Professionals list rank in the top 1.5% of the 1.4 million licensed Realtors® in the country.

“We are thrilled to see our sales professionals recognized nationally for their efforts,” said Charlie Hunt, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of HUNT Real Estate ERA. “To be ranked as one of ‘America’s Best’ is a reflection of the hard work and dedication that they put into serving their clients’ needs each and every day.”

The full ranking of America’s Best Real Estate Professionals in New York can be found here:

6/19 Radio Show: Stephen Fitzmaurice

Your host, Peter Hunt, welcomes Stephen Fitzmaurice to the show.

Stephen Fitzmaurice is the Sr. Vice President of HUNT Property Services.

Peter leads the discussion on the post-pandemic world and how commercial real estate and property management are changing. 

6/12 Radio Show: Tom Kucharski

Our host, Peter Hunt, welcomes Tom Kucharski, President and CEO of Invest Buffalo Niagara.

Peter and Tom discuss the real estate market in WNY over the past year and how it is developing and changing in 2021. 

How to Find a Property for Sale in 2021

Brick house with trees and a real estate sign in the front yard

We all know the real estate market in 2021 is competitive. It seems like every time you find a great property for sale, it’s off the market in a day or two. So what’s happening with the real estate market and how can you, as a buyer, find your home?

The Real Estate Market in 2021

According to the NYSAR (New York State Association of Realtors), the number of properties available has been dwindling over the past 17 months. April 2020 had 49,195 properties on the market compared to April 2021, which only had 28,751, a 22.2% decrease year over year. The cost of homes is increasing, too, with the average price up 42.3% from 2020 to a median price of $370,000.

…But Mortgage Rates are still Near Historic Lows

While prices rise and competition is high, there are some positive things happening in the housing market. Mortgage rates, while rising slowly, are still near historically low rates. This is good for buyers who are in the market looking to buy. For more information on APR or mortgages, be sure to visit

How to Find a Property for Sale

  1. Use a real estate agent. Your agent is an invaluable resource who is aware of the market conditions. Working with an agent to buy your home has a ton of benefits.
  2. Understand your wants vs. needs. This will help you determine what you’re looking for in a home and help you rule out properties that aren’t suited to you. To get tips on how to determine your home wants vs. needs, be sure to check out our blog.
  3. Get Pre-Approved. Now, more than ever, pre-approval is important. Attaching a pre-approval to your offer shows the seller you’re serious. And if you’re looking to get an edge over the competition, be sure to check out HUNT Mortgage’s Pre-Purchase Commitment.
  4. Be Decisive. Homes that come on the market are likely going to go fast. You may only have a day or two to decide if you want to place an offer in on the home. Some agents are even using offer deadlines, which will impact your time frame as a buyer. Moral of the story: If you’d like to make an offer, you’ll have to make a decision…and quickly. In April 2021 the median number of days a home was on the market was only 17 days (compared to 27 days in April of 2020) with an average of 5 offers on each property (up from 2.5 offers in April 2020).
  5. Be Patient. There is no doubt that today’s market is incredibly competitive. Which means there could be some disappointment for buyers. But if you’ve got a great real estate partner and a bit of patience, you’ll find your perfect home.

If you’re looking to learn more about the current housing market, curious about what your home is worth, or looking for your first home, please contact a HUNT Real Estate sales professional today.

6/5 Radio Show: Jake Schneider

Our host, Peter Hunt, welcomes Jake Schneider –  Principal, Schneider Architectural Services PC

Peter and Jake discuss Schneider Architectural Services, what services they provide, and Schneider’s recently completed and upcoming projects.