Your Guide to Homebuying with HUNT

Are you a first-time homebuyer, or has it been a while since you’ve gone through the homebuying process? At HUNT Real Estate, we’ll help you navigate the homebuying journey from beginning to end. Our guide to homebuying with HUNT will simplify the process so you can focus on the memories to be made in your new home. 

Connect with a HUNT Sales Professional

It all begins with that first meeting with your HUNT sales professional. Here, you’ll discuss your expectations, wants, and needs. It’s your opportunity to ask any questions about starting your home search. Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, from the initial interview to closing, your real estate professional will be with you every step of the way.

Secure Pre-Approval with HUNT Mortgage

Purchasing a new home is exciting but can be intimidating, especially when it comes to financing. Once you’ve decided to make a real estate move, connect with a mortgage consultant to determine how much you can afford and start the pre-approval process.

In this competitive market, having an edge is crucial. Reach out to our HUNT Mortgage team to learn more about the Pre-Purchase Commitment program and get the guidance you need to finance your new home.

Start Your House HUNT

With your sales professional and mortgage consultant by your side, you’re ready to start your search. Enroll in My House HUNT to get alerts when new properties hit the market. Unsure about which neighborhood suits you best? Check out to explore communities in your area and find the perfect fit.

Make an Offer

Found the house you can envision making your home? Now it’s time to enter the offer stage. Making an offer is an art, and our HUNT sales professionals are trained to help you navigate this process. They’ll use their market knowledge and negotiation skills to strategize with you and handle any counteroffers. Once terms are agreed upon, the offer is formally accepted – bringing you one step closer to your new home!

Home Inspection and Attorney Approval

Next, you’ll need a thorough home inspection. Your HUNT professional can recommend reliable inspectors to assess the property’s structure and systems, including the roof, ceilings, walls, floors, windows, and doors.

You’ll also need attorney approval. At HUNT, we’ve developed our core businesses to represent the full spectrum of real estate offerings to meet your homeownership needs. Our HUNT Homeowners Club can provide a list of trusted attorneys in your area to ensure a smooth process.

Secure Home Financing with HUNT Mortgage

Securing home financing is one of the most complex parts of homebuying, but don’t stress – a our HUNT Mortgage professionals can help you understand all the factors involved and guide you through each step of the mortgage process, including:

  • Mortgage Application
  • Credit Report
  • Appraisal
  • Underwriter Processing
  • Loan Approval

Obtain Homeowners Insurance

You’re almost there! Next up is obtaining a homeowners insurance policy. Every mortgage lender requires this, so if you’re taking out a mortgage, you must have insurance. Most policies cover:

  • The structure of your home
  • Personal belongings
  • Liability protection
  • Additional living expenses

To learn more and select a policy that protects your investment, contact our expert team at HUNT Insurance.

Prepare for Closing

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the final steps of the homebuying process! 

Once HUNT Mortgage determines all loan conditions have been met, paperwork will be finalized, and your closing date will be scheduled.

During these final crucial steps, your HUNT sales professional will ensure everything goes smoothly and will be there to answer any questions as you reach the next stage in your homeownership journey.

Closing Day

After all your work and preparation, you’ve reached the most exciting part – happy closing day! Here’s what to expect:

  • A final walkthrough of your property 24 hours prior to the sale
  • On the day of closing, you may meet the seller(s) or their attorney, your attorney, and the bank’s attorney
  • Bring a government-issued photo ID, a final bank check for remaining funds, and a checkbook (just in case)
  • Set aside 1-2 hours for the closing process

Finally, you’ll receive the keys to your new home!

Are you ready to start your homebuying experience? Connect with your HUNT sales professional today and let us guide you to your next home.