Summer Staging – 4 Ideas for Warm Weather Decor

Now that you’ve taken care of your spring cleaning, is your home ready to be listed for the summer season? Here are 4 ways you can refresh and update your home to be staged, both inside and out, to showcase your home at its best for summer: 

1.) Choose summer-inspired color schemes and patterns

What colors come to your mind when you think of the season? For an easy refresh, change out the bedding, pillows, window coverings, and decor in your home to reflect colors that are brighter or inspired by nature for the summer. Neutral, earth-inspired tones such as beiges, tans, whites, and certain shades of green can provide a natural and clean look for your home. If summer for you means being on the water, however, now is the time to incorporate hues of blue or coastal decor such as shells or ocean glass to make your home feel like a waterfront getaway. 

2.) Lighten up your fabric and textures

Now that the nice weather is finally here, it’s time to update your home’s fabrics from luxe and cozy to elegant and light. Sheer, breezy curtains will lighten up your living spaces, and fabrics such as linen or cotton will make your bedding not only feel lighter, but will make your space feel cooler and airier for potential buyers. 

3.) Summer scents 

One of the easiest refreshes for your home to transition to the new season is to switch out candles and diffusers to reflect new scents. Citrus and tropical scents are great options for summer – or if you prefer a more natural way to infuse summer scents into your home, an option might be decorating with bowls of fruit, such as lemons and limes. (Make sure you choose just a few scents that complement one another to represent the season so it’s not too overwhelming for anyone viewing your home!)

4.) Create an inviting outdoor space 

Make sure you highlight any features that make your home ideal for entertaining and bringing the party outside. Utilize your porch or backyard and set up a comfortable outdoor seating area with pillows and lightweight throws so prospective buyers can envision themselves having their own outdoor celebrations, and decorate the space with strings of white lights or lanterns. For a more streamlined and cohesive look, you can tie in your outdoor decor to the indoors by choosing similar color schemes and patterns, and incorporating an indoor to outdoor rug to effectively link the two spaces together. 

Summer is an optimal time to give your home a refresh, or to stage your home for sale during the season. If you’re looking for staging ideas for your summer open house or are thinking about selling your home in the future, reach out to one of our real estate professionals today.