5 Tips to Get Ready for the Spring Market

Are you thinking about selling your home in the next few months? You’re not alone, as one of the most popular times for homeowners to sell is during the spring market. With the longer hours of daylight for opens, more opportunity to show your home’s landscaping and curb appeal in its best light for buyers, and the potential for buyers to use their income tax returns in the spring towards a new home, the spring season is one of the most ideal times to list your home. 

When it comes to preparing for the spring real estate market, there’s no such thing as getting ready too soon – make sure you set yourself up for success by making preparations now to ensure your home stands out in this sellers market. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 5 tips to help you get ready to list in the spring. 

1) Home repairs.  From new light fixtures to leaky faucets, winter is an ideal time to take care of home repairs and make upgrades that will attract future buyers. For home repair needs, make sure you check out the HUNT Homeowners Club for a list of HUNT-approved vendors that can help you make your home look and function at its best!

2) Pack away clutter. It’s never too early to start the decluttering process and get your home organized. Buyers want to imagine themselves in your home, so reducing clutter helps to set the stage. Begin by clearing items on your shelves and refrigerator, and sorting through boxes and items in your garage, basement, or attic to decide whether you are going to keep, donate, or sell them. Clearing out clutter can also help make your storage rooms appear larger.

3) Stage your home. Presentation is a crucial part of the home selling process, whether your buyers are viewing virtually or in person. When preparing to sell, you want to create a pleasing environment that highlights your home’s best features so that it speaks in a compelling, positive way to the most potential buyers. Staging can include anything from rearranging furniture to styling your bookcases, and is an easy, effective way to showcase your home.  

4) Maintenance. From touching up trim and paint, to replacing old or rusted fixtures and hardware, to deep cleaning, make sure you’re keeping up on maintenance in your home to prepare for spring open houses and virtual showings for potential buyers. 

5) Find your real estate professional. The current real estate market can be challenging. A real estate professional who is knowledgeable in your market, aligns with your real estate goals, and has access to the most effective tools to market your home can be invaluable in ensuring that your home is sold quickly and for the right price.

If you’re planning to sell your home, now is the best time to get your home ready for the spring market. Contact one of our trained HUNT real estate professionals today to help guide you through the selling process so you can get your home listed and sold this spring!