Why You Should Sell Your Home This Fall

Believe it or not, summer is almost over and fall is on its way. Traditionally, fall has not been the first choice for sellers. But with the housing market still as hot as ever, many homeowners may consider listing their homes this season. Here’s why the fall is a great time to sell your home.

brick front step of home with white door. Orange and red fall leaves, pumpkins, mums, and a lantern.

Why list in the fall?

There are plenty of good reasons to list your home in the fall. First, the leaves can make a stunning backdrop to showcase your home in a whole new light for photographs. Buyers are ready to buy before the holiday season hits. What does this mean for sellers? Your potential buyers are likely prepared and serious buyers, not just casual lookers.

Another common misconception is that buyers are only looking to move before the school year. But only 40% of buyers in 2020 had children under the age of 18, according to Zillow’s Consumer Housing Trends Report. This means there are many potential homebuyers that may not have the school year to consider when buying a home.

The market is still

Get your home ready to sell this fall.

Pay Attention to the Exterior.

Fall comes with a much needed reprieve from the heat. But it also comes with a lot more environmental factors to consider. Falling leaves make a stunning backdrop for your home’s photos, but they can also be a hazard when you have showings or an open house. Make sure all of your walkways are cleared before potential buyers come through. Also ensure that your exterior lights are working. With the days becoming shorter, your showings could run into the evening. Since days won’t be as long as they were in the summer, your potential buyers will need to see where they’re going.

Add some decor.

Get festive with a few decorations to make your home a cozy spot for potential buyers. Add a seasonal wreath, place some pumpkins along your walkway, or invest in some mums to add some pops of color. Place a mat at your door to welcome guests and remind them to leave their shoes outside the home, if you so choose.

Home Maintenance

Make repairs to any loose bricks or hazards that may be on your walkways, as they may become less visible with any sort of ground cover (think leaves, sticks, etc.). Check your HVAC system and make sure you don’t need a tune-up before the winter season. Check your roof and make sure there aren’t any leaks. Falling leaves can clog up your gutters which can lead to flooding outside and inside your home, so make sure you are cleaning them on a regular basis.

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