How To Create Your Perfect Home Office

Recently, many of us are re-thinking how they use the spaces in our homes. With many families now working and attending school from home, it’s important to have a designated area to complete your work. Here are some considerations if you’re looking to design your perfect home office.

Use your space wisely.

If your home doesn’t have a large office space, don’t invest in large furniture. Find contemporary pieces that will help maximize storage space. Slender silhouettes also help make your space appear larger.

Try a closet office.

What happens when there’s no room in your home to dedicate to a home office? You create one where you have space! A simple home office can be created out of a closet. There are plenty of options and plans for creating your space. Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Built-ins or shelving can help.

If you’re looking to create more space, having shelving can be a tremendous help. It allows you to keep your desk surface clean and uncluttered and can help with your organization.

Arrange your desk to face a window.

Natural light can help increase your productivity and improve your mood. Plus, it can offer great lighting for any Zoom meetings! Try to face a window or at the very least have a window near your desk.

“Float” your desk.

Don’t push your desk into the wall if you can avoid it. Shoving your desk in the corner can make your workspace appear dark and uninviting. Leave it “floating” in your room. The closer to the center of the room, the more important that piece of furniture will look, so your desk will look like an important piece in your office space.

Consider Ergonomics.

While it could be appealing to purchase an upholstered chair for your office, it may not be the best for your back. Check out your local office supply or furniture store for a chair that can support your back. You can even find standing desk options if you’d prefer the flexibility of sitting or standing.

Add some greenery.

Plants can help make your space brighter and increase productivity. It will add a touch of color and improve air quality, too. Just make sure they’re easy to maintain.

If you need more space now that you’re spending more time at home, let one of our sales professionals help you find the perfect house for you and your family.