3 Factors to Consider When Selling Your Home

front porch of home painted blue with navy front door, bench, and swinging chair.

There are three major factors involved in getting your home sold successfully: pricing, condition, and marketing. But how do you manage these three components to make sure you have a smooth and easy sale? 


One of the most important things to consider when listing a home is pricing. If homes that are listed for a price that is too high, it can prevent serious offers coming in. If a home is priced too low, you may lose out on money. A good agent will do a competitive analysis and review the recent home sales in the surrounding area to get your home listed at the correct price from the beginning.


Another important factor is the condition of the home. Is your home ready to be put on the market? Or does it need painting or repairs? A knowledgeable agent will notice what needs to be done before placing a home on the market. A HUNT agent can even connect you with a HUNT approved vendor to assist thanks to the HUNT Homeowners Club.


Marketing is where your agent and real estate company will really shine. Agents promote your home where they feel it will get the most exposure. This can include internet marketing, social media marketing, as well as traditional print marketing like flyers. A good agent also understands the importance of photography and real estate, and may even suggest that your home be professionally photographed. With a many buyers starting their home search exclusively online, high-quality photos and/or video are important.

These three components make up the major factors that lead to a successful home sale. Real Estate Agents are trained professionals who have resources at their fingertips. This will help you list your home at the right price, in the best condition, and receive the most exposure through effective and innovative marketing. Reach out to a HUNT Agent today to start your home’s sale: contact us now