6/20 Radio Show: Mike Buczkowski

Your host, Peter Hunt, welcomes Mike Buczkowski to the show.

Mike Buczkowski, Buffalo Bisons General Manager and President of Rich Baseball Operations, was Peter’s guest (remotely) this week at r-house. Mike discussed the history of the Buffalo Bisons, which began in 1877. 130 years of pro-ball in Buffalo, 37 years of which Mike has been within the Bisons community. The Bison’s played in the National League for about 8-9 years in the late 1800s, however primarily they were in the minors in AAA and now the international league. They began playing at the Offermann Stadium and later the War Memorial Stadium they shared with the Bills during a time of unrest within the country. They played night games at Sal Maglie Stadium, in Niagara Falls, and day games at the War Memorial. In 1970 they forfeited their season and moved to Winnipeg, Canada. In the early 80’s the Rich Family bought the team bringing baseball back to Buffalo and opening the Pilot Field (now Sahlen Field) in 1988. Making Pilot Field a first major stadium to be built in the city. Most were multi-purpose fields built in the suburbs.¬†Please listen to the entire show below.

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