5 Tips to Get Your Home Sparkling Clean for Your Open House

When you’re selling your home, you know how important staging your rooms can be. But did you know that staging is just the first step to prepare your home for an open house? Buyers will examine your home closely, so the details, including cleanliness, can make a difference. Here are five tips to get your home clean for your first open house.

  1. Clean from top to bottom. Clean your rooms from top to bottom, which means starting with the ceiling. If you’re cleaning your bedroom, start by dusting the fan and crown molding, move down to dust frames and/or wall art, then clean furniture and finish by sweeping the floors. This cleaning method prevents you from contaminating what you’ve already cleaned!
  2. Make a good first impression. Keep your entryway clutter-free so it is welcoming to potential home buyers. If shoes are piled up at your front door, line them up neatly. Sweep the walkways leading to your home and trim your landscaping along the path to your door(s) so your home is easily accessible.
  3. Sweat the small stuff. A few small details can make a big difference when potential home buyers are viewing your home. Make sure your light fixtures and ceiling fans are dust free. If your kitchen has stainless steel appliances, wipe away any streaks or fingerprints. If your walls are heavily scuffed or have chipped paint, make sure you touch up where you can.
  4. Look outside. Clear your gutters of any debris that may clog them. Maintain your lawn and continue to mow, trim bushes, and weed your garden!
  5. Avoid heavily fragranced cleaners. If you’re cleaning the day before or day of your open house, don’t use cleaners with a strong scent. Strong odors can be off-putting to potential home buyers, even clean smelling scents.

If this sounds like a massive undertaking, you can always call in the pros! Check out the HUNT Homeowners Club for a list of HUNT approved vendors that can help get your home sparkling clean.