Small Improvements that Make a Big Difference when Selling Your Home

As homeowners begin the process of putting their homes on the market, deciding what to improve can be overwhelming. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, you’ll want to concentrate on upgrades that will provide the best return on investment, as well as maximize the home’s appeal to prospective buyers.


Assess the Current Situation

The first step to deciding what to do to boost the value of your home is to take stock of its current condition. Come up with a list of upgrades that would increase the quality of life of you and the other people who live in your home. Let’s look at a few areas that can increase your home’s value.


Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen is the one room that can have the biggest impact on how potential buyers view your

home. Instead of upgrades that focus on maximizing the appeal to a certain type of person — such as those with serious culinary skills — give the kitchen a general face-lift. You can cost-effectively increase its visual and functional appeal with a fresh coat of paint and possibly new tile.

Installing a back-splash in a complementary or contrasting color provides an excellent way to provide a previously uninspired kitchen with a pleasing pop of color. If the existing tile is dingy and worn, a fresh replacement will give the kitchen the bright boost that it needs.

Create the Right Type of Curb Appeal

Most homeowners already know curb appeal plays an important role in maximizing the saleability of their property. Curb appeal is more than just adding a few colorful annuals to flower beds and keeping the kids’ toys picked up most of the time.

To create authentic curb appeal that works no matter what the time of year, concentrate on the front entryway of your home. Begin by painting the front door or, if necessary, replacing it with a new door in a color that plays well with the rest of the home’s exterior.

Create a small seating area on the porch or in the yard area off to the side of the entryway, keeping in mind that the key to a successful home sale is creating an ambiance that inspires prospective buyers to imagine themselves and their loved ones having pleasant experiences in the home. Making the entryway as welcoming as possible catches attention in a positive way and makes people feel welcome.

To finish the look, add a flowerpot brimming with lush, blooming vegetation on each side of the door and an attractive welcome mat.


Dress up the Bathroom

The bathroom is another part of the house that can make or break a possible home sale. Naturally, the room should be as clean as possible. You want to try to capture the look and feel of a well-appointed restroom in an upscale hotel or spa. Replace worn and frayed towels with thick towels in tasteful solid colors and stack them on open shelves and display them on racks. Beach towels should be left in closed cupboards.

Covering the floor with a sumptuous bathroom rug, hanging an appealing piece of art, performing paint and tile replacement jobs as needed, and placing an attractive bowl on the counter full of scented soaps will complete the upscale ambiance.

As you can probably see, all of these upgrades have several common themes. None of them involve significant financial commitments, and all are designed to make the property appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. The goal should be to provide a framework for the personal needs and preferences of buyers where they can imagine their own art, furnishings, and appliances fitting in seamlessly.

If you’re looking to sell your home soon, get in touch with a HUNT Real Estate agent. Our qualified sales professionals can advise you on all aspects of selling your home.