How to Sell Your Home on a Timetable: 5 Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast

When you’re selling your home, timing is everything. Sometimes, though, you don’t have the luxury of waiting for the perfect time to list your home on the market. So what can you do when you’re on a timetable and you need to get your home sold quickly?

Here are 5 tips to help you sell your home fast:

1. Declutter and Depersonalize. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you want to make sure your home is looking its best, both in both pictures and in person. Cleaning and removing clutter from your home makes the space appear larger, and depersonalizing your home by removing items such as personal photos or toys allows prospective buyers to view your home as a blank slate to potentially make their own.

2. The Price is Right. It’s difficult to competitively yet objectively price your own home – and price is one of the biggest factors to take into consideration for potential buyers. For those reasons, and many others, it’s always best to work with a real estate professional when it comes to pricing. The experience and resources at a real estate agent’s disposal will be invaluable in determining the pricing that makes the most sense for your home so that it sells quickly.

3. Be Flexible.
It will be difficult to sell your home in a short timeframe if your home is not available for viewing! Make sure your house is always ready to show, and that you’re always ready to have it available and accessible for viewing by potential buyers.

4. Consider Incentives. You might not think that certain items you own have much value, but you never know what could appeal to potential buyers. Moving out of state? Consider leaving large furniture, like a couch or dining room table. These items may appeal to first time homebuyers, who see furniture as a major expense for their future home.

5. List with HUNT.
Did you know that HUNT offers a Seller Security Plan? The Seller Security Plan provides confidence that the sale of your home will be completed in a timely and efficient manner—or ERA will buy it from you. The ERA Seller Security PlanSM (SSP) is designed for the single family home seller on the move, and if qualified and accepted into the plan, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your property will be taken care of in a finite sales period. Reach out to a HUNT Agent to learn more.