Don’t Let Haste Make Waste on April 15!

A message from Susan Smith, Online Community Manager at HUNT Real Estate ERAHomeowners, take note! In your haste to file your 2012 tax returns on time, you may miss out on some valuable dollars that could help fund your next vacation.

Whether you bought, sold, refinanced, or simply owned a home in 2012, we want to make sure that you don’t miss a single one of the tax breaks that exist for homeowners. So, take your time and locate every document that pertains to your home. Check the kitchen junk drawer, the kid’s toy box, the actual filing cabinet, the desktop and the cloud. Check your briefcase and the glove compartment of your car. Every bit of documentation makes a difference!

But before you begin this search, take a few minutes and read “8 Tax Breaks for Homeowners”, courtesy of Fox Business. You might be very pleased to find a tax deduction or two that you would have missed.

At HUNT Real Estate ERA, we are always there for you, in all ways!