Whether you’re in the process of buying or building a house, what kind of home are you most likely attracted to? First impressions are everything, and the first thing you usually notice is the outside appearance. Are you partial to vinyl, brick, wood, or stone siding?

When buying or building a home, we hope you put these little details into consideration as you must keep up with maintenance that goes along with your brand new purchase.

• Lasts about 40 years
• Never needs paint
• Easy to clean with soap & water
• Comes in a variety of colors
• Costs $1-$6 sq. ft. prior to installation

• No maintenance required for 25 years
• Variety of sizes, textures, colors
• Usually does not fade
• Excellent temperature insulation
• $6-$12 sq. ft. prior to installation

Stone Veneers
Resists fire, rot and insects
• Very little maintenance – inspect for cracking
• Wide variety of styles
• Lasts the life of the building
• $4.50 – $6 sq. ft. prior to installation

• Treated to resist flammability and termite infestation
• Requires staining or painting every few years
• Easy to replace damaged pieces
• $1 – $5 sq. ft. prior to installation

• Ideal for dry, warm climates – avoided by wet climates
• Fire resistant
• Multiple colors and textures (smooth, raked, or swirls)
• Susceptible to water penetration
• $3 – $15 sq. ft. prior to installation

Synthetic Stucco
• Less likely to crack compared to real Stucco
• Energy efficient
• Can be washed with water
• Should last lifetime of building
• $6 – $14 sq. ft. prior to installation

So what do you think? What kind of siding would you choose?

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