HUNT Mortgage Announces their NEW Online Mortgage Application!

A message from Linda Mallia, President of HUNT Mortgage

Linda Mallia
HUNT Mortgage is excited to announce that they have launched a full online mortgage application. We know that today you are busier than ever, which can sometimes make it difficult to find the time to set up an appointment to apply for a mortgage. Now you can visit our website HUNTMORTGAGE.COM and actually apply for the mortgage 24/7.

Most online applications are currently run by larger lenders, and the lack of personalized service can be a deterrent for some people. HUNT Mortgage is staying ahead of our competitors by offering the same online service, but backed up with the Knock Your Socks Off service our agents and customers have come to expect from us. You can now have the ease and convenience of applying online, without feeling like you are just a number at one of the larger banks.

Our agents can still refer their buyers to their Mortgage Consultant by selecting their name on the HUNT Mortgage website before they enter their information. Once the online application is completed, the Mortgage Consultant will be in contact with you and everything proceeds just as it would with a traditional face-to-face application. We are hoping this new feature will allow us to better serve you, as well as help us keep the process running smoothly and quickly.

To check out the new online application visit HUNTMORTGAGE.COM.