Nicole Besancon Bio


Born and raised in Buffalo, the growth and development that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime here is astounding. We have such amazing culture, architecture, and people. The “City of Good Neighbors” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life. I strive to always be that good neighbor that people can count on. When I was a buyer in the market, I remember how thrilling that search for the perfect house was. When it came time to sell my first home, I remember how important it was to have a knowledgeable agent by my side to help me navigate the details of that process. With decades of experience in marketing along with a variety of customer service roles; my love for helping people and passion for real estate provided a natural career move to become a licensed real estate agent. I know how important it is to listen to my clients, educate them on the process, and make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

In my free time, I cherish my friends and family and I am an avid animal lover. I volunteer with a local dog rescue to help find their perfect forever homes. Maybe you’re searching for that amazing fenced in yard for your current or future 4-legged friend? I can help with that too.

Whether you are looking for your first home, upsizing, downsizing, or investing, I’ll be the professional you need to successfully navigate the process and the good neighbor you want to share in your goals and dreams.

Reach out today and let’s get started on making your real estate dreams a reality.