Syracuse What’s Your Home Worth


It’s important that homeowners understand the value of their home before making any decisions about placing it on the market. It’s likely that your house is currently the largest financial asset you have to your name – the best way to protect this value is to correctly reflect it in the listing price.

Our What’s Your Home Worth? tool was created as an assessment for Syracuse homeowners who would benefit from knowing their home’s current value. From analyzing the current housing market to recommending repairs that may make a difference, we measure success by our homeowner’s confidence in their property value. This tool, coupled with the expertise of our professionals, ensures just that. 


HUNT is always there for you.

Deciding to sell your house with HUNT means not having to face the real estate market alone – we are proud to offer homeowners a number of resources to help make the sales process as manageable as possible.

Central New York offers its residents a thriving metropolitan area surrounded by many wonderful opportunities for exploration. As a homeowner, knowing the approximate value of your home will afford you the most mobility when it comes time to move – whether you stay close to Syracuse or look farther away. 

Trust the sales professionals who have been feeling at home in the real estate business since 1911 and contact us today to put your house on the market.