Seller Select

Seller Select SM
Six Steps to Success
1) Understand your goals
2) Prepare your property for sale
3) Select and implement a Seller Select marketing strategy
4) Determine accurate pricing strategy
5) Create a One-Stop shopping experience for you and the buyer
6) Expertly negotiate on your behalf, and successfully manage the transaction from Contract through Closing
We know you have a choice when it comes to the real estate company and the agent you want to use to market your home. With HUNT ERA, you are choosing a LEADER in the industry with the most professional agents and marketing plan for your home – providing you with expert representation, maximum exposure for your home, and increased odds of selling.
We have put together a marketing plan that is designed to expose your home to more buyers, provide you with access to real-time communication tools so you stay informed, and offer both you and buyer prospects an array of home ownership services to make the buying and selling process easier.
Our Commitment
For over 100 years, HUNT Real Estate Corporation has been committed to a simple set of values that remain integral to our success: Family ownership and financial stability; innovative approaches to our businesses; continuous improvement among all of our highly-qualified professionals that are “Always There For You”; and the importance of delivering the highest quality of integrated real estate and homeownership services available — that are truly unmatched anywhere in the real estate industry.
Consistent with our commitment, and based on our experience with tens of thousands of home sellers, we have assembled a menu of marketing plans from which you can choose—simply select the option that best meets your needs. I assure you that you will receive the most value possible for your investment in real estate brokerage services.
Our commitment is IN WRITING – that's how confident I am that the services you will receive from your HUNT agent are simply the very best. Your agent will sign an agreement with you that details exactly what we will do to sell your home and how we will do it. Our commitment made to you today is just as my grandfather stated when he founded our business: If at any time we do not live up to what we represent, we will release you from the listing agreement without question.
Our Guarantees
“We Will Sell Your House, Or ERA Will Buy It!”®* 
There is no stronger commitment in real estate and it is only available through the ERA Sellers Security® Plan.
•  Unique source for additional buyers
•  An exclusive HUNT ERA program to attract contingent buyers and convert them to non-contingent buyers
•  The ERA "guaranteed sale" program
No other company has a program directed at buyers who are willing and able to buy your home but are not ready because they must sell their existing property first.
“We Guarantee Our Service!”
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you achieve your real estate goals, and I promise we will put our over 100 years of experience and success to work for you. Remember, you pay nothing until and unless we deliver on our mutual goal of selling your home under terms and conditions that are acceptable to you, so why not go with the company that is.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
HUNT Real Estate Corporation
*Conditions and limitations apply; including but not limited to: seller and house must meet specific qualifications, and purchase price will be determined solely by ERA Franchise Systems LLC, based upon a discount of the home’s appraised value. Additionally, a second home must be purchased through a broker designated by ERA Franchise Systems LLC. Call your local HUNT ERA professional to review details