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Who would be HUNT Real Estate’s perfect candidate?

In hiring sales professionals, HUNT seeks out individuals that are experienced, motivated and sensible in their professional careers. Real estate success can be very real for individuals who embrace the HUNT culture and take advantage of opportunities for development. While an extensive background in sales is not necessary, successful candidates will have a willingness to learn and grow within the company. HUNT real estate professionals are an extension of our company values for customer service and support – they should carry themselves as such.

What does “commission-based” mean? 

Real estate is a commission-based industry, meaning your payment is based on the volume of sales you make. This concept can be both attractive and intimidating to new professionals, as it often suggests that your salary will fluctuate. However, HUNT wants all of our professionals to succeed and remains committed to providing the appropriate resources, training and development opportunities to help you put your best foot forward.

Can I start on a part-time basis? 

Many of our future professionals dream of leading a successful, full-time career as a real estate salesperson, but find themselves unable to devote these hours toward the beginning of their career. Upon hiring, HUNT creates a business plan to outline a set of mutual expectations between employee and employer, which includes everything from setting a time commitment to identifying personal goals. Simply put, professionals that remain devoted to their business plan are welcome to start on a part-time basis.

Are there any training requirements?

HUNT requires all of our sales professionals to complete a 75-hour Real Estate Salesperson Qualifying Course, available both in class and online. The course is a comprehensive overview of New York State laws, ethics and practices for those employed by the real estate industry. HUNT Real Estate has an in-house accountability plan to keep trainees focused and engagement throughout this necessary initial process. HUNT provides support to help prepare for the state real estate exam, which is the final step prior to becoming licensed.

Are there any costs associated with onboarding?

Someone who is thinking of starting a career in real estate should be prepared for an initial investment of about $2000 with annual renewals of $1600, both of which can easily be covered by one or two sales per year. Registration for the licensing course can range between $100 and $500, based on the approach you choose to take for your real estate education. The state exam cost is $15 and upon passing, the cost to get your license from the Department of State is $55. There are NO monthly fees required to be a member of the HUNT Real Estate team and you will have unlimited access to quality products, tools and support to supplement your career.

Will I receive any additional training?

Of course! At HUNT, we want to provide opportunities for growth and support of our sales professionals. Our core training is oriented around the best practices for building your personal brand, supplemented by a mentorship program, one-on-one coaching and weekly webinars. Our approach to training is constant, always evolving and the reason HUNT professionals stand out in the real estate industry.

What is an Independent Contractor?

An Independent Contractor differs from a HUNT employee. Being an Independent Contractor allows you to account for family time, vacations and other commitments. With this business model, what you get out of it is a reflection of the work you put in. Therefore, it is important for Independent Contractors to designate the right amount of time for planning and coaching. Still, HUNT will build a business plan with Independent Contractors to outline its specific goals.

So, what’s the next step?

We take the job selection process very seriously and are always eager to get in touch with individuals who are self-motivated, good communicators and willing to learn. Connect with us today to schedule an appointment and apply to join the HUNT family.