Guide To Selling A House

That's right. You can sell your house on your own or entrust a real estate professional with the responsibility of marketing your home. Either way, consider this when selling a house.
When you are preparing to list your house for sale, you have 2 choices - do it on your own or enlist the marketing services of a real estate professional. This guide to selling a house will help you set the right expectations during the listing period.
• Title Abstract - you will be required to provide the buyer with an up-to-date title search so that you will be ready to close on time.
• If You Are Buying a Home Locally - you can utilize services provided through our exclusive HUNT ERA Buy Design program, the most cost-effective, seamless system to buy a home. Given the market conditions, you may want to begin the search for a new home now.
• Legal Services - when a buyer is found for your home you will want to have the sales contract reviewed by a real estate attorney.
• Landscaping - landscaping will substantially define your home's "curb appeal," an extremely important first impression for potential buyers.
• Home Repairs - attention to details can set your home apart from the competition.
• Home Warranty - warranted homes have historically sold faster and for more money than homes without warranties. You and the buyer are protected.
After a Sale Contract is signed, the following might be necessary (by the way, we coordinate all of these services through our unique Realty Club concierge program):
• Home Repairs - the contract may require that you complete certain repairs.
• Cleaning Services - professional services will reduce your workload.
• Moving Companies - reserve your date early, particularly during peak times of the year.
• Moving Supplies - begin packing sooner and pace yourself over a two-week period.
• Closing Services - your attorney and the buyer's attorney will schedule a closing according to the contract and the mortgage commitment.