All About House Selling Fees

When you are ready to sell a house, you want to know up front about all of the fees associated with the sale. Here again, you have options - depending on whether you do it yourself or if you hire a real estate agent.
The HUNT ERA Seller Select marketing program is the only system of its kind. It offers sellers a choice. The seller elects the services, marketing, and house selling service fees as well as the fees offered to a buyer's broker. These fees are referred to as commission and itemized in what's called seller's closing costs.
The agent would normally discuss the amount of seller fees up front, which is typically based on the type of marketing services the seller elects. The more marketing services a seller elects, the more exposure your property receives among buyer prospects, and the more chances you will have to sell your home for maximum price!
The HUNT ERA Seller Select marketing program also includes the only written guarantee of services in the form of a specific performance contract, as opposed to a "best efforts" contract and no guarantee used by most traditional real estate companies.
For more information on how to list your house for sale, please contact a HUNT ERA real estate agent.