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Work – Life Balance

A wife and mother of two, Jodie Bennert talks about the work-life balance that comes with a career in real estate and how prioritizing her clients allows her to remain successful.

By Jodie Bennert

106 reasons to become a HUNT agent

After celebrating a full year in the real estate business, Sandy Schiedo reflects on the family connection that guides her day-to-day success and how those family values are always present in the HUNT family of companies.

By Sandy Schiedo

How to be successful as a new agent

Paul Patterson explains how the willingness of HUNT professionals to share advice and past experiences with each other has informed his mentality and fostered a camaraderie between team members.

By Paul Patterson

What is next level thinking?

A ten-year industry veteran and new HUNT professional, Mia Banaszak talks about how HUNT’s commitment to investing in our professionals differentiates us from other real estate companies.

By Mia Banaszak