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Shandice Banks
Shandice Banks

Christi Bowker has been a resident of the Phoenix area for over 25 years. upon relocating here from the east coast, she immediately fell in love with the desert landscape and the unique architecture of the southwest. Christi’s experience with interior design, remodeling and renovating homes, brings a keen eye to her clients during their search for the perfect home. Her ability to understand the structural elements of each home along with her exceptional interpersonal skills, allows her clients to feel a sense of confidence and ease through an otherwise stressful process. Christi looks forward to partnering with you and your family in the pursuit of finding your perfect home.

Shandice Banks has been a resident of Arizona for the last 20 years. She Served six years in the us army, and solidified core values that fit perfectly into the real estate industry: loyalty, duty, respect, honor, integrity and courage. Shandice uses those values to foster a trustworthy, dedicated and caring relationship with her CLIENTS. this allows her clients to feel taken care of and that they have someone fighting for them every step of the way Shandice also holds a master’s degree in professional counseling in which she listens to every want and need of her clients and advocates for them throughout the entire process.

Christi Bowker Christi Bowker
Licensed Real Estate Agent-REALTOR®
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