Kimberly Lyon, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Kimberly Lyon
Kimberly Lyon
Hello. My name is Kimberly Lyon, but Kim is just fine. I'm so glad I have the opportunity to introduce myself to you, though some of you may already know all about me. If you do know me, you already know that I am an upstate girl. That I was raised here, and this is where my roots are. I love this area.
You also know full well that I am driven. That I am determined and motivated, and have a strong desire to understand and succeeded in whatever I do. I become invested in the things that I do. I believe that life presents us with opportunities that we first have to recognize and then take advantage of. I believe that we need to open our eyes wide to see these opportunities sometimes, and trust that we will come out the other side with more than we started with, even if it is not what we expected to begin with.
I believe that life has given me a great opportunity by opening the door to real estate and one that I am very excited about. I have joined the Hunt ERA team, and I don't think that I could have chosen a better group to be affiliated with. There is a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and support for me to utilize to make my career a very successful one.
I also need you though. I need you to meet me, and also introduce me to your friends and family. I need wonderful people like you and yours to help me get my career in real estate rolling. I promise to work hard for you, and also for my family and myself. I promise to help you make your major life transition easier for you by being hard working, honest and fair with you. By listening to your needs and wants. By doing my due diligence for you, and by closing your real estate transaction in a timely fashion, of course on terms acceptable to you.
Please don't let this opportunity for us both pass by. All you have to do is reach out to me, and I will be happy to hold your hand. Once you put me to work for you, you won't be sorry. I'm so very much looking forward to meeting you.
My best,