Chip Hodgkins, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

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Chip Hodgkins
Chip Hodgkins
I was literally born into business.  My family has been in business in Central New York since the late 1800's.  I have been surrounded by business strategies and sales since I was born.  I am passionate about helping our community develop and grow. I am in business and the business I'm in is REAL ESTATE. 

I am hooked on gaining more knowledge about the industry on a global level, so I can best help my clients.  When I am not coming up with new ways to market our clients properties, I am traveling across the country attending conferences and events to gain more information and to contribute my ideas on the business systems for real estate. 

I have a wife and three kids who fill up my time and life outside of real estate.  I try to dedicate my weekends to them as much as possible (which can be difficult in this industry).  We play a lot of sports (skiing, tennis, golf, boating...) and support our local restaurants.  Life is good.

I love working with Hodgkins & Associates because it is a great group of professional people who are not afraid to think outside of the box while still maintaining the enthusiasm and perseverance that is necessary in the real estate business.