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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

New Year’s resolutions are common in January because everyone wants to start off the new year right. But have you ever considered a new year’s resolution for your home? Here are a few to help kickstart your new year in your home.

RESOLUTION 1: Declutter
One of the easiest resolutions is to declutter and organize your home. The best way to start is to go one room at a time and clear out items you don’t use or wear. Stick to a plan and get decorative baskets to organize items that may take up space, like DVDs, books, and video games.

RESOLUTION 2: Safety first
Your home should always be as safe as possible for your family. Here are a few ways to combat common dangers in your household:

  • Check your home for radon. This can be done through an at-home test or by a professional.
  • Check your carbon dioxide detectors and smoke detector batteries. If you don’t have either of these items, make sure you purchase them.
  • Clean your lint trap vent and/or duct. While you may be cleaning out your lint trap on a regular basis for your dryer, your ductwork may have lint in it if you’ve never cleaned it. It’s important to do this regularly because it’s highly combustible and can catch fire easily.
  • If you’re planning a remodel and your house was built before 1978, have your home tested for lead paint and asbestos.

RESOLUTION 3: Tackle small projects now
Even though the weather isn’t warm yet, you can work on your home projects. Simple tasks like repairing a hole in your drywall, painting, replacing a light fixture, or replacing a faucet do not require good weather.

RESOLUTION 4: Be a friend to the environment
There are simple ways to help the environment that can help you save on your utility bills.

  • Make sure you turn off lights when you aren’t using them.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to help control your heat bill
  • Install LED lights and low-flow shower heads
  • Invest in a drying rack and air dry your clothes instead of using the dryer
  • Turn off power strips and unplug chargers when you are not using them

RESOLUTION 5: Plan ahead
It may seem a little ridiculous, but planning for the next holiday season can help in the long run. Make sure you pack away decorations neatly and label boxes with what is in them. Also, make sure you note any items you may need to purchase for the next holiday season. Did you run out of dishes? Did your lights break? Do you need a folding table for all of your dinner guests? January is a great time to find holiday items on sale.

What are your new year’s resolutions for your home? Let us know! If you need assistance with your plan for the new year, check out the HUNT Homeowners Club! The includes direct access to our portfolio of HUNT-approved vendors engaged in businesses relating to owning and maintaining your home. From contractors and remodelers to roofers and electricians, we can recommend the right vendors for any home-related services you need.

Monday, December 10, 2018

4 Things To Consider If You Want to Sell Your Home in 2019

Are you looking to sell your home in the next year? Start off the new year right and make sure your home is ready to sell. Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking to sell your home in 2019.

Make sure your home is up to code. All of your renovations should be done by professionals. For example, if your electrical panel needs fixing, make sure that your work is done by a licensed professional electrician. Need some advice on who to choose? Check out the HUNT Moving Concierge for a list of HUNT approved electricians who can help get your panel up to code.

Replace outdated appliances. Old white kitchen appliances may date the appearance of your kitchen. If it’s realistic, replace them with stainless steel, or make sure they are clean and in working order before listing. But this advice doesn’t just apply to kitchen appliances! Another important appliance in your home is your HVAC system (or boiler). Make sure you have regular maintenance on your heating and/or cooling system and keep a record.

Set realistic expectations about price. You may feel that your home is worth a certain amount, but it may not be realistic. Check out our What's My Home Worth tool and reach out to a HUNT Real Estate sales professional. Our professional real estate team is trained to make sure your home is accurately and competitively priced for your market.

List your home outside of “peak season.” While it may be appealing to wait until the spring market, listing in the “Off-season” may actually work to your benefit. Buyers who are looking for a home during this time of year are typically motivated, and you will have less competition on the market.

Are you having trouble selling your home? Reach out to a HUNT sales professional! Our knowledgeable team will work with you to help get your home sold!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

To DIY or Not to DIY? 4 Home Projects To Call in the Pros

DIY home improvements can seem like a good idea. TV shows and YouTube videos make it look easy to do whatever you need to your home. But how do you know when to Do-it-yourself and when to call in the pros? Here are four home projects you should skip the DIY and call in a professional:

Plumbing. Changing out faucets and showerheads or hooking up your washing machine may be a job that many homeowners can accomplish on their own. However, for adding or moving plumbing, or expanding/modifying your home’s water supply or hot water system, you will want to call a professional. Without the knowledge and experience, these more complex jobs could create a flood or leak that cause damage to your home. A licensed plumber will know how to set your plumbing up safely and without leaks.

Electrical. Electrical work can seem relatively simple. You may replace fixtures around your home if you are familiar with how to do so. Any other complex jobs, including extending existing circuits, adding new ones, or wiring electrical boxes should be done by a trained professional. If you do work on your own and are untrained, you can risk electrical shock or even starting a house fire.

Trees. Cutting down the small tree in your front yard may not seem like a difficult job. But the larger the tree, the more risk is involved. Even with a chainsaw, you should not be removing any trees that are larger than 4” in diameter and over 20’. When you attempt to remove trees that are larger, you risk it falling on your house, car, or even another person.

Removing Walls. An open layout concept is popular for main living spaces, but you shouldn’t go around knocking down walls with a sledgehammer. For one, removing any walls will typically require a permit. To obtain a permit, you’ll need an engineer to review which wall you wish to remove, and if it is load bearing, how to brace the ceiling or roof properly support the house. If you remove a wall without the pros, you could end up having a collapsed roof.

The next important question: How do you find the right professional for the job? HUNT Real Estate now offers The HUNT Homeowner’s Club. The HUNT Homeowners Club offers you direct access to all of our HUNT-approved vendors and is a complete resource for all of your moving and homeownership needs.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner, and no matter what you do for the holidays, you're sure to entertain a few guests at your home. If you’re looking to give your home a mini-makeover before the holidays, here are a few tips on refreshing your home without breaking the bank.

Paint. A fresh coat of paint can change the mood of a room. It can make your home appear clean and updated. Walls that are neutral can offer a clean, blank slate that will make your holiday decorations really pop.

Make rooms feel larger. If you have heavy drapes, try replacing them with vertical blinds that let light in, or add sheer curtains. Natural light can make a room feel more open. Adding a mirror can also make a room feel larger and brighter, and there are great affordable options in stores like
HomeGoods or Target.

Bathroom fix. While a full-on bathroom makeover may not be in your budget, a few tweaks to your existing room can make a difference. Replace an old mirror, or frame it with trim. Replace dated old fixtures with new ones. Another fun decorating tip for your overnight guests: fill up a decorative basket with bathroom essentials in case they forgot theirs!

Don’t let your kitchen be a nightmare. If you plan to cook a large meal for the holidays, you’re bound to have company in your kitchen. The problem with kitchen updates: it can be the most expensive room to update. If you want to do a quick change, swap out the hardware on your cabinets. An even easier update? Change out your kitchen towels and add seasonal flowers to the counter.

These simple and affordable updates can help make any home feel modern and put together for the holiday season. Looking to do a full home renovation? Your HUNT Sales Professional can help!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

6 Things You Think Add Value to Your Home...But Actually Don't

No matter how much we love our homes, there is always room for improvement, or more specifically, home improvement projects.

You should always consider your own needs and tastes when making the decision to do improvements, however, some homeowners take on projects solely to add value to their homes so that a return on the investment is received when it comes time for the home to be sold. Unfortunately, this line of thinking can often lead to costly home improvements - that may not end up adding value to the home in the long run.

Here are 6 items that many homeowners think adds value to their home…but actually don’t:

While the items on this list may not increase the value of your home, you can still invest in them if they’re worthwhile to you! Making changes and updates are just a couple of the many things you can do to help turn your house into your home.

Interested in finding out what your home’s value is? Check out our Home Valuation tool and get 3 free price estimates instantly: What's My Home Worth?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Some of the things you learn from being a homeowner | HUNT Real Estate ERA

The transition from renting to owning your home is beneficial in a number of ways, but it does take some adapting. Being a homeowner is a large responsibility, but one that is undeniably worth it. The key is to remember that owning a home is actually awesome, while you're figuring some things along the way. Once you’re settled into your new home, you’ll notice how things are different, and you’ll learn a lot about being responsible.

#1 You’re Officially on Your Own
Your financial and emotional preparations have led up to this point. You’ve crossed a milestone and try extra hard to hide how high your level of absolute delight is and find it impossible.  

#2 Your Tax Return Feels like Your Birthday
The first year you buy a house, you usually see a nice, big tax return. 

#3 You Always Turn Off the Lights
You finally understand your father’s obsession with turning off the lights!  You feel your life coming full circle.  

#4 You Get Super Excited to Shop at Home Depot
After months of planning your d├ęcor on Pinterest and endless hours watching HGTV (that channel is so addicting), you can finally put your plans into motion!  Home Depot’s employees now know you by name. 

#5 You Find Yourself Busting Out Random Moves
You just can’t help it.  Your new house is just too awesome. 

#6 Your Hard Work has Paid Off
The paint has dried, everything is unpacked and you realize you are finally HOME! 

Peter F. Hunt