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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tips for a Winter Open House in Upstate New York

Having the perfect winter open house doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. Your chances of a successful, quick sale can even increase in the winter, research shows.

Many house hunters stop the search in colder months, but determined buyers don’t let the weather deter them. Don’t spend time showing your house to vaguely interested buyers; get in front of the people who are ready to buy. Your HUNT Real Estate sales professional will help advise you on how to make your property shine, but here are some other steps you can take to show off your home with a beautiful open house that will stand out during the bitter cold season.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can help sell a house in the spring; all you need are beautiful plants and a clean washed patio, but winter can be slightly more challenging. Be weather-aware and make sure your guests can safely walk into your house. Clear sidewalks of snow and ice. If you have a beautiful deck or outdoor patio, show it off by brushing away piled up snow or leaves. Another unfailing way to stand out is by adding some light features to your outdoor area, providing a cozy and welcoming touch.

If you are celebrating the holidays, festive lights and decorations can provide warm, fuzzy feelings, but keep it tasteful.

Clean and Open

An exquisitely designed house can’t mask a dirty one, so make sure to clean every nook and cranny and show only a sparkling clean house. By clean, we also mean not crammed with unnecessary things. Your shelves should be beautifully decorated, but not crowded.

Pay attention to all of the rooms in your house, not just the obvious ones. Every room should have a clear purpose and not be filled with miscellaneous items. Even if it’s your workout/study/kid’s projects room, choose one and stick with it for showings.

Stand-Out Features

It’s freezing outside in New York during winter. A wonderful, clean fireplace immediately makes guests feel welcome and can be the key to acing a winter open house. Clean your fireplace of extra soot and polish any glass doors with a mixture of ammonia, vinegar, and water to get it shining so your fireplace is gleaming.

Buyers appreciate unique and useful shelving and storage areas. Be sure to show off any built-in shelving or handy storage rooms your house includes.

Updated Look

Updating any old appliances, décor, or paint can improve chances of a quick sale, and you can achieve this with small, affordable changes.

The coloring of your house can change the overall vibe. If your house is too dark, adding a little light paint can work wonders to brighten it up and make it feel updated. Be sure to open curtains and let some sunshine into rooms, because no one wants a dreary house.


Another big thing to consider is the temperature; you don’t want people sweating while looking at your house. If your open house is a huge success, which it will be, consider turning the temperature down a bit lower than usual since multiple people in a house can raise the temperature. When people are uncomfortable, they won’t have a pleasant feeling and won’t be in the mood to make a big purchase.

Smells are also very important and memorable to people so make sure that your house smells nice and leaves a good impression. A good holiday candle might be just the perfect cherry on top of a decision to buy.

Convenient Time

If you want a good turnout at your open house, you must think of others’ schedules. Whether you are a huge football fan or not, many potentials buyers probably are, so don’t schedule a showing at the same time as a big game.

While your HUNT Real Estate sales professional will insure your home is properly marketed to drive traffic to your open house, it never hurts to invite people you know and create a fun, welcoming vibe. Turn to friends on social media, people in your gym class, or co-workers, and invite them or ask if they know anyone looking for a house. Take it upon yourself to help sell your house; you never know who will make the final purchase.

Contact us today and let one of our agents help!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tips for Sellers | HUNT Real Estate ERA

The homes that sell more consistently on the market are the homes that are listed by owners who are diligent in making sure that their home is attractive to potential buyers. Many people who list their home take steps to ensure that their home really stands out and makes a good first impression to visitors. However, there’s always a few ways to get ahead, and HUNT Real Estate ERA would love to share some extra real estate sales tips with our blog readers today!

Staging your home to get rid of the clutter is an important step when scheduling open houses, but where should you start in your own home? De-personalizing your residence is the first step to making your home both attractive and open to guests. Store all family photos, personal decor and any other symbols or mementos of your personal lifestyle. You might enjoy playing guitar, but seeing your collection of Fenders on display may be an uneasy reminder to a visitor of the home’s current inhabitants.

Once you’ve gotten rid of these personal pieces, take the throw pillows, blankets and other items remaining in your home and arrange them attractively around your furniture. However, in keeping your home clean, don’t feel the need to remove all clothing items from the closets around the house. Keep them about half full, as this will help potential buyers see the space of the closet without it looking empty and forlorn.

Lighting is another very important aspect to consider that will go a long way in closing the sale of your property. Keeping your home well lit will make it look open and friendly, while dark spaces can make your guests feel enclosed and claustrophobic. Make the best use of natural lighting and any bright lamps you may own to strategically keep your residence bright and sunny.

Lastly, staying away from the house during an open house is another very important tip for maintaining an open atmosphere for guests. The less you can remind your visitors of the family who lives in the home now, the better, and hovering around while your real estate agent is giving a tour may make you seem insecure about the property.

HUNT Real Estate ERA wants to give all of our clients the information they need to sell their house quickly on the open market. Make sure to visit our blog regularly to learn about the best practices you can follow to succeed in real estate.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tips for Winter Home Staging - Interior and Exterior | HUNT Real Estate ERA

The days are shorter, the air is crisp, and winter is just around the corner.  Selling your home during this bright and blustery season is not as hard as you think!  There are numerous ways to turn your home into a ‘Winter Wonderland’; one that all prospective buyers will find cozy and comfortable.

Effective home staging is important year round, but winter home staging requires a few extra steps to ensure your home is warm and inviting.  Prospective buyers often times drive by the home, therefore maintaining the exterior of your home during the winter is important. Your first task is make sure all walkways, including the driveway and sidewalks, are free of snow and ice.  Keep salt in the garage for icier days, and be sure to maintain the walkways daily.

Night falls earlier in the winter, thus you must make sure your home’s exterior is properly lit.  Place candles in the windows, set a timer for the outdoor lights, and string up a set of white lights along the porch.   Strategically prop a wooden sled against a tree, hang a few lanterns from bare branches, and greet guests at the door with a beautiful winter wreath.   These small touches will help your home stand out, and remember, sometimes less is more!

Light is also a major player in the interior staging.  Take advantage of the daylight hours and try to schedule appointments to show the home during this time.  Wash your windows and make clever use of mirrors, they will help reflect light around the room.  Place LED light candles in darker areas of the home and dress up the candle with a bit of holiday decoration.

When deciding on interior holiday décor for staging your home, try to keep the holiday decorations neutral; you want your home to be appealing to everyone who walks through the door.   Use nice rich colors for throw pillows and blankets, or set the table with fine china to add a nice holiday touch.  Great neutral holiday decorations and accessories include pinecones, stars, branches, lights, and holly.  Strive to bring out the natural elements of the winter season.  And be sure not to overdo it.

The stage is set and the show is about to start.  Take this time to add small touches to the interior.  If you have a fireplace utilize it, a roaring fire will show prospective buyers some of the added value to your home.  Aromas are a nice way to add to the atmosphere of any home.  Who doesn’t love the smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies?  Pair the cookies with freshly brewed coffee or piping-hot cocoa to make your visitor feel more at ease.  Keep it the aromas minimal and stay away from air fresheners; it may leave some guests thinking you’re trying to cover something up.

Now that your home is market ready, remember there’s nothing to fear about the real estate market during the winter months, especially when you leave your home in the hands of one of the area’s most successful real estate company. Winter, spring, summer or fall, HUNT Real Estate ERA will find the right buyers for your home during any season! Visit us on Pinterest for more winter staging ideas!

Monday, February 4, 2013

2/2 RADIO SHOW: Linda Mallia

This week, Linda Mallia is Guest Hosting & playing guest!

Linda Mallia is President of HUNT Mortgage, and oversees Mortgage Consultants in the Buffalo, Niagara, Rochester, and Syracuse, NY regions as well as Phoenix, Arizona. Linda began her career with HUNT Mortgage in 1984 as a Manager/Field Coordinator, but was no stranger to HUNT Real Estate - she has been working with the company since 1979.

Unfortunately our guest was unable to make the show, but Linda Mallia fills in and starts discussing landscaping and the changes of times. Currently people are looking at finding more outdoor living spaces, such as patios.

To find out more, listen to this week's show!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HOME STAGING: The Living Areas

This week we are going to discuss staging your living areas. This is probably one of the most important areas to stage because these are the rooms known for relaxation. The living room, family room and dining room is what makes a house a home. Here are some simple and efficient ways to stage your home prior to a showing.

Clean and declutter
Thoroughly clean the areas. Items such as magazines, books and papers should be packed and stored. Clutter is distracting to homebuyers.

Keep it neutral
If the rooms are painted in bright colors, you may want to consider repainting the rooms. Wallpaper could also be removed.

Dress the windows
Ensure that your window dressings are clean and appealing. Also, clean windows make the room appear brighter.

Dress up the areas
Place a vase of flowers on a table. Stage the areas as if you were entertaining guests.

Evaluate furnishings
Be certain your living areas are appropriately furnished for the room’s intended use.

Brighten it up
Turn on all of the lights for showings.

Have you done any of these staging practices when preparing your home to sell?
If so, did they work? We would love to hear your personal experiences! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Making your House a Home

When potential homebuyers make the decision to see the inside of your home, there are many things that you have been accustomed to seeing that may stand out to them.

In order for a homebuyer to take the first step in buying your home, they must feel at home the moment they walk through the door. What “home” should feel like depends on the homebuyer, but you can take several steps to help each homebuyer along the way.

In the next few weeks we will take you through creating the perfect space for potential homebuyers. However, please also utilize the expertise of your HUNT ERA real estate professional to help along the way.

The Grand Entrance

First impressions are everything. In the entry way, a potential homebuyer has an immediate sense of how they will receive your home. Decide which entry will be used when potential homebuyers come through and be sure to communicate that to your HUNT ERA real estate professional. The tips below will guide you in creating a grand entrance.

• Check the condition of your entry door and decide whether it should be painted or replaced.
• Place a wreath or other decorative item on the door.
• Below the door, place an inviting Welcome mat.
• Clear the entry of any clutter, including shoes.
• Make sure the entry hall closet is neat and organized.
• Thoroughly clean the area, including walls and ceilings.
• If the entry leads to a foyer, make sure that it is appropriately decorated.
• Place a vase of flowers on a table.
• Hang pictures or a mirror on the wall.

When getting ready to sell a home what do you do to get ready for potential buyers?

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Next week we will discuss staging the living areas! 

When getting ready to sell a home what do you do to get ready for potential buyers? 

Stay in the loop by making sure you join our site in the right hand bar.  
Next week we will discuss staging the living areas! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


You've heard the saying, “You can't judge a book by its cover.” No statement is more untrue when it comes to selling your home. A potential buyer sees a home’s exterior and makes an immediate judgement.

Most potential homebuyers will start their search for a home on the Internet. If the pictures of a home create interest, they will drive by that home to assess the home's location and condition.

The drive-by is critical for the seller of that home, and while the seller cannot control where their home is located, they can control how the homebuyer initially perceives the home. This is done by creating curb appeal. Here’s where we need to make the most of that first impression!

Create Curb Appeal

Creating curb appeal is important and worth the time spent. Below are ideas for enhancing your home's curb appeal. Ask your real estate professional what improvements they recommend.

Peeling or Faded - Depending on the severity, you may want to paint the entire exterior. If the peeling is minor, simple touch-ups will be sufficient.

Dated - If your home's colors have become dated, consider painting it with more neutral or traditional colors.

HINT: Tour a new home development for ideas on the latest color palettes.

Lawn - Cut and edge your lawn once a week to keep it looking manicured. Be sure to rake your lawn free of leaves. In the winter time, don't forget to plow your driveway and shovel the walkway!

Shrubs - Keep shrubs neatly trimmed. If they are near windows, cut them down beneath the bottom of the window to allow for more light in your home.

Flowers - Place potted flowers in your flower beds or on your porch to add a touch of color.

Outdoor Toys - Store all toys in the garage when not in use. If you have a play set in your yard store that as well.

Trash Cans - Make sure your trash cans are sealed and placed inside the garage.

Front Door - Place an attractive wreath or other decorative item on your front door to make it more inviting.  A nice welcome mat will complete the entrance experience.

Next week we will cover Part two: Making your House a Home.


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